Why is Internet Going Crazy Over Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s butt?

It has been a tough month for Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Firstly, he was criticized for allowing immigrants find shelter in Canada after Trump imposed bans on them. Then, the photos of Ivanka Trump staring at Justin Trudeau went viral with all the crazy and pun intended captions.

Twitterratis tend to go crazy over such stuffs. Heck, we love it!

This time, the picture of Justin Trudeau’s butt was doing rounds of social media.

Everything started with:

Further inquiry revealed that the picture was taken by Nilah Shea during one of the audience gathering which Justin Trudeau was addressing:

Back to the topic, that bubble butt deserves all the attention it is getting. Let’s see how twitter reacted on this picture:

1. Best reference guide ever –  How To look At Justin Trudeau?

Thanks a lot. Need of the hour!

2. The request for re-tweet is real. We understand your pain Jeffery!

Re-tweet now. I have done it already 😛

3. A competition for “Best Bubble Butt” has started since the photo has surfaced.

Who’ll win? Who do you want to win? #bestbutt

4. Donnie Wahlberg’s tweet over this..

You’re funny Donnie 😛

5. Eyes say it all!

That’s almost everybody’s eyes.

6. True Story!

Everyone is talking about it. And It’s not gonna stop.

7. Quite a scientific discovery fellas!

Every Canadian should be proud today.

8. A poll has been initiated guys!

Vote now guys! this is happening.

9. Some serious life changing motivational trick guys..

Follow this routine and success is there waiting for you 😛

10. Jamil, the feeling is real mate!

Jamil seems a bit too much attracted towards the Canadian PM. However, we can understand it. *High-5*

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