What Could Go Wrong with Your Air Conditioner? 4 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning break down in the middle of summer, just when you need it most. The good news is that if you have a professional air conditioning maintenance agreement, you never have to worry to about getting too hot under the collar about your air conditioning system. If not, you could suffer breakdowns at the most inconvenient and hottest times and your electricity of gas bills may rise with the temperature inside your house. There is also a risk of having poor indoor health quality that could damage your health and that of your children and pets.

1. Signs of trouble

If you have a new air conditioning system, it is likely under warranty and any problems that arise will be covered. Simply call the number on your air conditioning contract and someone will visit you soon to repair your faulty air conditioning system. If your system is a little older you may still be able to get a maintenance agreement with a reputable air conditioning repair company to fix any problems that may arise.

Some signs that your air conditioning system might be in trouble include the system not coming on at all or no cool air coming into the house. Or there could be leaking water form an inside unit or ice on the condenser outside. These are all possible symptoms that your air conditioning system is not working at peak performance.

If anything goes wrong with your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate call in a quality and qualified air conditioning technician to take a look.

2. Low or leaky refrigerant

If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling properly or your utility bills are unusually high, you may have low or leaky refrigerant. It is not uncommon for older systems to lose a few ounces of air conditioning refrigerant every year and even if it is doesn’t leak, it need to be replaced at least every five years. Air conditioning systems that leak refrigerants need to be repaired and the levels of refrigerant must be maintained at manufacturers suggested levels at all times. All of these items can be checked by your technician during regular maintenance.

3. Thermostat problems

Thermostats on air conditioning systems can be finicky and inaccurate unless they are positioned properly within your home. Thermostats that are on sunny walls or too close to a stove or a draft window will not work properly. They can also become clogged with dust and dirt and cause your air conditioning system to run too long and waste money and energy in the process. Even more importantly, you may have trouble cooling your house to the temperature that is most comfortable during hot weather. There could also be wiring, electrical, and battery problems that an air conditioning technician can take a look at when they come for their annual visit.

4. Dirty air filters

Every air conditioning air filter will become dirty and clogged over time. That is doing what they are supposed to do. They trap the pollen, dirt, mold, dust and other pollutants that are blown through the air along with the cooling air to lower the temperature in your home. When they get dirty, the whole air conditioning system has to work harder and that increases both your cost and the risk of damaging your overall system. You can change the air filter yourself on a regular basis, but it’s always better to have all of your filters and ducts professionally cleaned once a year by a certified air conditioning repair technician. That way you can ensure that your system has no barriers to keeping your house cool and everyone happy.

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