Treat Your Feet: 6 Easy Habits to Take Better Care of Your Feet

Although we walk on those submarines every single day, we tend to neglect our foot health. Sure, we may clip our toenails once in a while, but we never go far enough to ensure we’re undergoing proper foot care. With the summertime approaching, and everyone seemingly wearing flip flops, even to work, it is more important now to take good care of your feet.

Here are the top six ways to add good foot care to your health regimen:

👞 1. Wear Shoes & Socks Everyday

At home, many people tend to walk around barefoot. When we’re outside in the summer, flop flops are all the rage. Some runners even avoid wearing socks when they sprint outside.

All of this, specifically flip flops, is really bad for your feet. It is crucial to sport shoes and socks everyday, whether you’re inside or outside (you can just wear socks when you’re at home). The reason for this is because your feet can be hurt or they can attract a lot of bacteria outside.

🌺 2. Apply Cream on Your Soles Before Bed

For the last several months, your feet have had to endure the dryness of winter. Every time you take your socks off, you notice how dry your soles are. It is true that it’s difficult to eradicate, you can gradually remedy the skin by applying cream on your soles before bed.

👠 3. Sit Down Too Much? Massage Your Feet

In today’s working environment, we sit down more than we stand and walk. This is terrible for your feet as it can reduce circulation and cause discomfort in your toes. There are a few things you can do:

  • Massage your feet when you get home.
  • Wiggle your toes for five minutes, three times a day
  • Put your feet on the desk when you’re sitting down.
  • Avoid crossing your legs for an extended period of time.

🛀 4. Wash Your Feet All the Time

Let’s face it: your feet, particularly in the summer, go through a lot. This is why it is important to thoroughly wash your feet every day. When you’re in the shower or taking a bath, be sure to scrub your feet – soles, toes, ankles, etc. – with soap or body wash.

💈 5. Yes, You Must Trim Your Toenails

If you are married then your spouse will often tell you about your daggers in bed. If this happens then it is time to trim your toenails – you should trim them on a regular basis and not when the nails start cutting your socks or your loved one’s legs and feet.

👢 6. Examine Your Feet Once in a While

No matter what age you are, you should perform a foot inspection. You should search for cuts, red spots, swelling and blisters. If you notice significant changes in your foot skin then you should seek medical care. This is especially important when you get older.

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