TOP 7 Yum Street Foods From Around The World

We can learn about the culture of a nation with its food. There are different cultures so, we have even different kind of foods all around the world.

Make sure that you taste each and every one of these 7 tasty street foods when you visit their respective countries. They are arguably the best street foods at the moment:

1. Tacos – Mexico

Tacos and Tostadas are two of the most famous street food not only in mexico but all over the world. However, the authentic tacos from mexico are class apart from what they make in Landon and understandably so.

2. Souvlaki – Greece

It is a dish which contains meat and veggies grilled on a stick together. Souvlaki comes from Greece. It as a yum dish usually eaten with Pita bread or a cheese dip.

3. Baguette Sandwich – France

When in France, your breakfast should be none other than Baguette sandwiches. They can be found in every corner of a commercial area in France. They are also easy to make. the Baguette bread is quite cheap and easily available in France.

4. Currywurst – Germany

It is made up of steamed pork sausage sliced in small pieces and served with tomato sauce which is topped with curry powder and chilly. It is the most famous street food in Germany.

5. Hot dogs – New York

New York is famous for diversity and hot-dogs. It is considered as one of the best snacks ever. Sausage with a sliced sandwich and ketchup, mustard, cheese, mayonnaise on the top. Heaven.

6. Nasi Goreng – Indonesia

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Considered as the national food of Indonesia, Nasi Goreng is a kind of fried rice which has eggs, chicken, chilly, and garlic. In CNN online poll of world’s 50 most delicious street food, Nasi Goreng ranked #2.

7. Bhel Puri – India

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Bhel puri is probably the most famous street food in India. It can be found almost anywhere in India. It is made up of puffer rice, different spices and usually semi spicy in nature. But it is damn yummy.

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