Top 7 Ways To Get Yourself Headhunted

If you get a call out of nowhere from a headhunter, you might ask him where he got your name, But if he is any good at his job, he won’t tell you. A decent headhunter will never reveal her sources, or even tell you more about the job on the first phone call.

Keeping secrets will make you feel special, only one of the tools headhunters use to pull you from your office to meet up for a coffee and a chat.

So, how exactly do people get attention from headhunters? Read on to learn the top 10 ways to get yourself headhunted.

1. Be visible!

Go to lunchtime seminars, conferences, and forums in your industry or the industry where you want to work. Make sure your name, organization, and title are on the attendance lists of events. Be visible and social.

Headhunters will look at your if you’re well-rounded in your career. This means you need to develop yourself and contribute to your industry. This includes speaking at conferences, setting up a blog, volunteering your professional skills, and publishing papers or articles in your field.


2. Give out your card.

Swap business cards freely when you attend functions. Pass along other people’s names if you get headhunted for a job you’re not interested in (and hopefully they will do the same). This gets your name out there and also helps you develop allies.

Remember, you’re a more valuable target for a headhunter if you’re currently working.


3. Say yes.


Even if you’re not interested, if a headhunter asks you out for coffee, say yes. You can collect some useful info like salaries and other data on your industry and you will remain on his or her radar for other suitable jobs.


4. Put yourself online.

Get yourself on LinkedIn and other sites. You need to remember that you have to manage your professional persona on your social networking sites. Keep what is visible to the public interesting, and keep it clean. Google your name and see what comes up.


5. Don’t get carried away with excitement.

Don’t forget to ask questions while you’re basking in the adoration from the headhunter. You can afford to be a little relaxed, and remember that you will be better at negotiation when you don’t have anything to lose since you’re already secure in your position at your current job.


6. Remember who pays who.

The client is paying the headhunter to find the best candidate. A professional headhunter will answer all of your questions and will ensure you are the right fit for the company. Remember, though, that the headhunter is going to make a lot of money to fill the position; the fees they charge are gigantic. Always do your research on the potential new employer, separate from what the headhunter says.


7. Know the signs of a professional headhunter.

A professional headhunter will agree to meet you at a time and place of your convenience. They will act in a professional manner at all times; they will also be discreet, establish mutual interest before telling you the name of the client, will be interested in you, and won’t just talk to you about the job on the phone.

Don’t be unprofessional and ask lots of questions so that all of your questions are answered before you make your decision. Once you have come to an agreement on salary and benefits/perks, don’t suddenly demand a salary increase when an offer is given.

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