Top 6 Most Insane Water Slides You’ll Ever See

I just love water slides. Usually a water resistant, I don’t mind getting all riled up in a water slide.

This article contains 6 of the world’s craziest water slides. Hold tight and enjoy the ride:

6. Aqua Duck Waterslide

AquaDuck is a part of Disney fantasy cruise liner. In order to ride in AquaDuck, one needs to be at least 42″ tall. This roller coaster takes you from around 800 ft through a tube filled with water. This covers 4 decks of the entire ship and gives you amazing view from the tube.

5. Summit Plummet Waterslide – Blizzard Beach

It is situated in Disney’s Blizzard Beach as one of the most attractive rides. It’s slope is 120 feet long. It gives you the speed of 60 miles per hour. You need to be atleast 48″ high to board the water slide. It is 3rd fastest free fall slide in the world.

4. Walhalla Wave Waterslide

Walhalla Wave waterslide is a zero gravity water slide and is the 1st of its kind in the united states. 4 people can go at once in the fast tunnel like structure. You’ll feel completely weightless throughout the ride.

3. Jumeirah Sceirah Waterslide – Dubai

Jumeirah Sceirah waterslide is situated in Dubai. It is a dual waterslide in nature. People go to a capsule and a countdown begins. ALl the anxiety and rush comes into the body as the countdown finishes. Suddenly the floor beneath you will disappear and you will slide down to 394 feet at an speed of 15 mph. Crazy!

2. Insano – Brazil

Via cyNti

Insano holds the record of world’s tallest water slide. It is 135 feet high i.e. equivalent to a 14 story building. People who ride this madhouse fall down at the speed of 65 miles an hour into the water. Imagine a ride being 135 feet high but it only takes 4-5 seconds to fall from that hight.

1.Verruckt Waterslide – Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Verruckt in German means crazy and insane. It used to be world’s tallest water slide at 168 feet high. A 60 miles per hour drop is guaranteed. Ride this and you have ridden everything.

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