Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

Time to learn some quick life lessons. There are many things which are not meant to be and there are other things which are meant to be. What if I tell you that there is also a large fraction of those things which are meant to be but the way they are being done is completely wrong?

Confused? Well, that was the intention. #OkSorry

Presenting some of the things which we all have been doing the wrong way:

1. Bread packets tags can be used as labelsĀ for electric chords

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Bread packet’s tags are made up of solid plastic and are usually quite strong for their size. People usually throw them thinking they are of no use.
However, they can be used as name tags or labels for electric chords. Everyone of us has at least once pulled off wrong chord and some of us have a habit to do so. Why not use these tags and stick them to the chords of say computers, laptops, printer etc.

2. Travel Hack – Roll the cloths to get more space and more benefits..

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It might not be unheard of that rolling the cloths while packing creates more space in the bag / suitcase. Not only that, if you roll your trousers and shirts, they won’t be wrinkled. Huge benefit for frequent travelers.

3. Peel the banana from the other side

We usually peel a banana from the part where it hangs in the tree. Right? Well, that the wrong way to do it. Try noticing a monkey eating banana and you’ll see that he peels from the bottom side of the banana. They are supposed to get peeled that way.

4. Cutting the ice-cream saves a lot of time

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If you are at a party or with friends, it is advised to cut the ice-cream like it’s shown in the picture. Its a lot more easier and efficient than applying sheer power to take out single scoop from a deep frozen ice-cream. Cutting the pack makes the process a lot more faster.

5. Your Pot’s handle’s hole is not just for hanging purposes

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We always use the hole at the end of a pot’s handle to hang the pot to dish hooks or wall. However, yo can also put the stirring sppon there while making any king of curry or frying anything. That stir spoon always take a place and makes it a dirty place. Why not use the hole when it’s right there?

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