The 4 Wonders of Eyelash Extensions

“Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea” is a truth about what makes women beautiful. Beauty is everchanging and life giving, just like the sea. And how women can enhance their beauty is by using eyelash extensions.

1. Luminous Allure

The eyes are windows to our souls and minds, and as windows, they sometimes need to be dressed. Eyelash extensions help our eyes be dressed for any occasion. Eyelash extensions enables us to be dramatic on our terms.

With eyelash extensions, our eyes look more luminous, youthful and wide, which allows others to see our beautiful eye colour. Seeing our eyes will encourage our self esteem and confidence to take on the world around us.

2. Gift of Time

Getting eyelash extensions gives women something that is precious and fleeting. They give women time – time to do other things. Instead of having to curl and apply mascara, eyelash extensions enable women to use this time for other tasks or activities. Nor do women have to spend the same amount of time to remove the make up.

What a wonderful gift of time to give to a woman – the gift of time. By getting eyelash extensions to enhance their beauty, women are giving themselves the gift of time, which they can use elsewhere in their lives.

3. Cost Effective

Getting eyelash extensions will save women so much money in the long run. They won’t need to buy mascara, as the eyelash extensions will enhance their eyes for them. They won’t have to buy and use facial tissue to remove mascara smudges and raccoon eyes. Having eyelash extensions will also reduce the tearing of the delicate skin under the eyes. This skin is very delicate and thin, and therefore, is easily damaged.

If there is no more need for mascara, there is less of an opportunity for smudges and raccoon eyes that need to be cleaned. This means that because there is less of a need to clean the delicate eye area, this skin will get less damaged. Less damaged facial skin gives women a more youthful look. By using eyelash extensions in their beauty maintenance, women are saving money by not having to purchase other products like mascara to enhance their beautiful eyes.

4. Gift of Ease

Maintaining beauty can be time consuming and challenging. Why not use products that are easy to use? Getting eyelash extensions are such products. All it takes are a few relaxing appointments and women can maintain their beauty throughout the day. The initial appointment takes about two hours to have the eyelash extensions applied.

The maintenance appointments are to occur every 2 to 3 weeks for fill ins or touch ups: these appointments should only take about thirty minutes. These maintenance appointments are also less expensive than the initial appointment. These appointments are painless and relaxing, because the eyelash extensions are applied by trained beauty technicians.

Once the eyelash extensions are applied, other activities can be enjoyed with abandonment; activities like swimming, tennis, camping, surfing, and running. By using eyelash extensions to maintain their beauty, women are giving themselves the gift of ease. They can give themselves opportunities to pamper themselves instead of the many people in their lives. Such a small gift to themselves that will enable them to be the life gifts to others.

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