Preparing For a Baby? Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Home

As a prospective parent, you must have read countless books, watched videos and made itemized lists of what to do when the baby arrives. But what most people forget is the preparation before-hand, i.e., baby proofing your house. Although a relatively modern concept, baby proofing has merit since babies are notorious for being where they shouldn’t be. The precaution will cut down your stress by half because you do not need to keep track of your child 24*7 so that they do not get stuck suggests some tips for keeping your child safe.

1. Install a gate for the stairs

If your house has stairs it is wise to add a gate with a lock that needs to be opened by adults. Falling down stairs may be fatal for children.

2. Cover open electrical sockets

Electrical sockets are often at the level of the child and a curious kid may poke their hand into the holes. It does not need to be said how disastrous that would be.

3. Install a toilet lock

The toilet seat can accidentally smash roving fingers, or the baby can get curious and use the water in the toilet bowl which is unsanitary. A lock solves all of these problems

4. Use non-slip mats

A wet floor in the bathroom can spell disastrous during bath time. To prevent any kind of accidental injury as a result of falls, cover the areas where water may spill with absorbent non-slip mats.

5. Keep cords away from the baby

Any kind of cord, be it from electrical appliances or even a phone cord since the baby may accidentally strangle themselves while playing.

6. Use covers on your stove knobs

Knobs are always fun to twist. This may lead to accidental fire hazards due to gas accumulation. Keep your stove knobs covered.

7. Lock the fridge and cabinets

Trying to open anything with a handle is a fun pass time. Fingers may be smashed as the door closes, or the baby may get stuck inside. Locks prevent them from opening in the first place.

8. Keep heavy objects out of reach

This is a no brainer. Grasping fingers can pull down things that will harm them. Keep heavy books, show pieces etc. at the very top of shelves.

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