Planning To Set Up Your Business in A Self-Storage Unit? Read This First

Tenants use their self-storage units for different purposes. A study conducted by SpareFoot showed that one out of five customers uses their units for business purposes. Although they have excellent success stories, there are legal repercussions.

Using your self-storage for business puts you at risk of being evicted and at times arrest and prosecution. The facilities are under municipal laws; which in most cases do not permit operating businesses. Therefore, before using storage units to run your company, consult your landlord to find out if the lease allows.

Once you confirm that it is legal to set up your business in storage units, here are some businesses you can set up in there.

Four businesses you can run in a self storage unit

Do you have challenges finding space from where you can run your small business? Probably you manage it from your house, and all your rooms are filled with excess paperwork and your work tools. It is high time you get a professional location so that you can upscale your business. If you are at this point, do not go for an expensive lease. Instead, consider renting a sizeable storage unit.

Content provider
If you want to boost your creativity, then you ought to be in an environment that offers you the tranquility you require. In a self-storage unit, you can set up your laptop, run electricity and set up an internet connection that is, of course, necessary for your business. You are probably wondering how you can ever find peace in a ductless and windowless bunker. Well, modern units are equipped with infrastructure thus making it realistic to run businesses inside.

Video producer
You can customize a unit to suit your video shooting specifications. Some units are quite large thus allowing adequate space for video shooting. You can have a desk for placing your laptop computer. All you need is to have a good sound engineer to ensure that they manage the audio challenges that you may experience while in the unit.

eBay business
Regardless of what you trade on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or any other online platform, a self-storage unit is ideal for ensuring the success of your enterprise. With the right amenities, the storage unit can serve as a photo studio and a bunker where you can store a few items for sale.

Mr. or Miss. Fix it
As a handyman, you sure require somewhere to place to place your tools. Operating from the house might seem reasonable until one of your tools is misplaced or mishandled by your child or pet. With the demand for someone who can repair a broken pipe or an electrical device quickly, the demand for handymen has grown tremendously. Therefore, you need to ensure your tools are in good condition so that you can get to your clients as fast as possible.

Benefits or running your business from a self storage unit

Enhanced flexibility
Small businesses sometimes face challenges especially when it comes to storage space. It is especially because they need to store a few tools they require for their business yet warehouse costs are very high. With a self-storage unit, you can place it in your ideal location and move it when it is necessary.

Reduced costs and overheads
A self-storage unit is bound to cost less than warehouse storage or an office lease. For small enterprises, this will come in handy in reducing costs. Therefore, profits are higher, and consequently, the business prospers.

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