Home Alone: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Break-In

Your home is your castle and, like any castle, it should be well guarded and protected.

No matter what neighbourhood you reside in, it is important to install an advanced security system. Alarms, cameras, lights and smart systems are all tools that you can utilize to secure your home from criminals looking to invade your private property. It’s essential today.

Of course, when you work to install a highly-efficient and modern security system, you should always complement it with the basics. Elementary methods can oftentimes be more effective. Indeed, common sense can serve as a security apparatus in itself!

Remember, protecting your family begins by securing your home from invaders. When you go to work or when you’re away on vacation, you want peace of mind that your home is safe.

Here are five basic ways to complement your advanced security system:

1. Never Leave Your Keys Near the Home

Let’s face it: we are forgetful people, and sometimes even careless. This does include the most important thing we have in our pockets (no, not our cellphones): our house keys.

To circumvent this terrible predicament, many homeowners leave their keys in the mailbox, under the doormat, somewhere in the bushes and other parts near the front door. This is a dangerous thing to do and should be avoided at all times.

Imagine if some odious person walks by and sees you leaving the key under a potted plant!

Should you want to leave the key near your home, leave it with a friend or a neighbour.

2. Fake it – Pretend That Somebody is Inside

You should know by now that most burglars are weaklings afraid of confrontation. Therefore, if they even have an inkling that somebody is home then they won’t dare to break into your home.

Here is what you should do moving forward: pretend that someone is really home. You can accomplish this endeavour by leaving the radio or television on, keeping a lamp upstairs or in the kitchen on and perhaps, if you don’t need it, leave your car in the garage.

3. Change All of the Locks

Did you just move into a new home? Congratulations! After you have celebrated with a bottle of champagne, it would be an opportune time to change all of the locks inside and outside. Remember, you have no idea who had access to these locks before you moved in. A great preventative measure is to replace the old locks with sturdy, reliable and brand new locks.

4. Light it up! Turn the Lights on in the Front

Similar to giving the impression that the home is occupied during the day, lighting up your front yard is a great step to achieving a few things: pretending a member of the household is home, preventing a criminal from stepping on your yard and catching someone in the act.

Moreover, don’t just use basic lights, try to take advantage of motion lights. If someone just walks by your home then the lights will turn on – it also saves you money on your hydro bill.

5. All Obstructions Should be Removed

Security experts often suggest to homeowners to remove any obstructions near your windows. The reason for this is because burglars can use them as camouflage and a place to hide as they spy on you through the window.

Moving forward, flowers, bushes and trees are all elements that must be eliminated so you have a clear view when you look out your windows.

It is great to spend $1,000 on a state-of-the-art security system for your home. At the same time, it is also great to employ a bit of common sense to complement that brand new system. A dog, motion lights, noise and anything else that you might think of can serve as deterrents to potential culprits. Being burglarized is a traumatic experience so don’t let it happen with neglect.

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