Every Thai Man Shaves His Head At Least Once In His Life.. Know Why?

It is in Thailand’s culture that every Thai man should be ordained as a monk once he comes of age. This is a ceremony where the man’s head and eyebrows are shaved in order to ordain him for a monk.

Let’s have a look from at this story, covered by Al Jazeera English youtube video, of Norrapat Engbuneesakul who is getting ordained as a monk..

Norrapat Engbuneesakul ordaining as monk. Source

It is a ritual in Thailand that every man should be ordained as a monk atleast once in his life. This is also done in order to pay respects to his elderly parents.

“To ordain as a monk is to sacrifice”, said Norrapat. Rightly so. It is a symbolic gesture to let go of fancy things. He continued,”We have to learn without desires and teach people about the religion.”

Norrapat now would spend 10 days in the temple. According to the traditions in Thailand, as a man comes to a certain age, he is required to commit his gratitude towards his father and his mother.

He is also faithful that in next birth, god will give him same parents and his parents will gain some good karma. He also has to follow 227 rules of being a monk. He can only eat before noon and can not have any physical contact with women.

He also gets carried around the temple for 3 times each one representing Buddha, his teachings and the community.

This happens with every man of Thailand. Some go on to become a monk for ever but most of them just do this as a religious ritual.

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