Are You Aware of These 7 Things Your Painter Assumes You Know?

Most of the time, you will find that just about every homeowner who is looking to paint his/her home hires an interior painting Toronto expert for that. With an exception of the DIYers, of course. There are many different reasons that can prompt you to want to paint your home. Either you are moving into your new home and don’t like the painting. Or maybe you are putting the home up for sale. Or you are just looking to remodel it with new colors and schemes.

Whatever the reason may be, if you choose to hire a professional painter to do the work for you, then you also need to be aware of these things that the hired painter may assume that you already know.

1. Painting is an art

The notion that most painters believe that you should leave the painting to the pros is greatly misplaced. It’s true that painting is not just all about skill, but it’s also an art. And yes! It’s also true that your living room won’t necessarily be the world’s greatest masterpiece after you or your hired painter works on it. But that doesn’t , also mean that it will be any less beautiful or better than it was before. A good paint job also involves a lot of artistry plus prep work. So, all you need to do is find a good painter with all these traits and you let him/her do what he/she does.

2. Prepping can sometimes take a long time

Behind a good paint job, you will always find that at least 30% of the overall time spent on it goes to prep time. And that’s where the less-qualified painters end up letting paint get on even the things that it shouldn’t be. You will see a very big difference between a good paint job and a rushed one. You won’t see your good couch get splattered with paint where good prepping time was put into the work.

3. Make your home ready for the painting

In as much as you will be paying the painters for their work, don’t let them do all the work. You can also join in on making some advance home prepping for the paint job. One, the whole process will go a lot faster and smoother. Plus, the painters will already have their hands full looking to offer their best work for your home. Clean your home before the painters arrive. Wash even the awkward spots like behind your toilet and stuff like that.

4. Ask for touch-ups

Ask for a wall-through immediately the paint job is done. You will find that the professional painters offer this service regardless. It, however, doesn’t mean that all painters will be willing to offer you endless touch-ups after they have done their job. Especially is their job is not that much high-quality.

5. Sit on the toilet

As awkward as this might sound, try it. Immediately your bathroom has been painted, sit on your toilet and stare at the finished work. This is the best way to catch even the tiny missed parts of the paint job.

6. Compare the specifics of every bid

It’s also important that you look at the detailed bids more carefully. Doing this will help make it easier to choose between the different contractors in your shortlist. It’s especially great if you’re relying more on pure guesswork. Look at the material costs that the painter is going to use and other vital stuff of the sort and make your decision based on these factors.

7. Ask for a discount

Painters may sometimes overquote the prices for their work thinking that you are going to ask for a discount. And if you don’t, then the better for them, bad for you. But say you are on a fixed budget, it’s never a bad idea to ask for a discount. You may even get a great deal from there.

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