A Closer Look at How Moving Company Fees Are Calculated

If you have received a quote or two from movers for help with your upcoming relocation plans, you may be wondering why different quotes vary significantly. With two or more companies each requested to do the same job, you might think that the rates would be more closely competitive. One moving company may have a different way of calculating fees than another. With a closer review of the methods, you may discover that one method yields a lower rate for your specific move than another.

A Flat Hourly Rate
While uncommon for long distance movers, many local movers charge a flat hourly rate for service. Their service typically includes the promise of a certain number of workers assisting with your relocation from start to finish. Some companies may further attempt to estimate the number of hours your project will take to help you budget for the project. However, keep in mind that some professionals may work far more slowly than others, and this rate structure certainly will not promote efficiency by the moving team. Furthermore, it also means that you are paying for workers to take breaks or even to eat lunch. In addition, some companies round up to the next hour, and this can tack onto your cost unnecessarily. Another point to consider is that some office staff may estimate the number of hours your project will take on the low side, and this means that you may be surprised by a much higher than anticipated cost after the work has been completed. You can find more information at Premiere Van Lines.

A Per Room or Per Item Rate
Other moving companies have a more precise way of calculating rates. They generally will charge you per room or even per item. They may ask you to itemize all major furnishings in your home as well as the number of boxes you need the movers to pack into the truck. With this method, the number of stairs in the project as well as how close the truck can park to the home will be used to give you an estimate. While it can be burdensome to provide so much information to a company up-front just to get a quote, the result is that the quote may be much more accurate.

Keep in mind that there are ways to manage costs with a flat hourly rate. For example, you can do as much of the work on your own, and you can even move some of your items downstairs and next to the front door so that the movers simply need to load the truck. You can also ask the workers not to take breaks if you are so inclined. As you compare different quotes, keep these differences in mind so that you can better control your moving experience and fees.

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