8 Reasons Why Gym Class Is Important For Your Kids

Do you have bad memories of attending gym class when you were young, or did you enjoy playing with school gym equipment? Either way, here are 8 reasons why gym class is important for kids.

1. Gym class can help kids develop an interest for fitness

If you had bad experiences in gym class as a child, chances are you don’t enjoy going to the gym today. On the other hand, kids who attend stimulating physical education classes can develop a lifelong interest for fitness or sports.

2. Gym class helps kids develop good social skills

During physical education classes, kids learn to follow rules. They also develop different social skills, such as teamwork, and good sportsmanship. These skills are important, as they will be useful to your kids during their whole life.

3. Gym class improves health

Exercise promotes bone and muscle growth, it lowers blood pressure, and it helps develop endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Gym class can help kids develop healthy habits, and stay active long after their school years are over.

4. Physical exercise will help kids stay focused during their other classes

Gym class provides kids with regular physical exercise, which is even more important for those who don’t exercise much outside of school. When kids frequently run, climb, stretch, and play, it helps them spend some excess energy so they can focus during their other classes.

5. Physical exercise can also improve moods

As kids socialize, play, and learn how to practice different sports, their brains release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that make us feel happy, cheerful, and relaxed. Even when kids don’t like gym class, they can still benefit from it.

6. Gym class helps fight obesity

Of course, physical education can’t compensate for poor eating habits and for lack of physical activity at home, but providing kids with at least one or two periods of exercise each week can help fight childhood obesity.

7. Physical activity helps improve grades

Since it helps kids think more clearly and stay focused during their other classes, gym class can help improve their grades at school. Being physically active can help increase concentration and memory.

8. Physical activity can help improve confidence

Finally, participating in sports can help kids improve their confidence and their self-esteem, which can also help them succeed at school, and in many areas of their life.

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