7 Tricks to Clean Your Living Room in 7 Minutes

While your living room doesn’t need to be cleaned up as often as your bathroom or your kitchen, you should still try to keep it neat and tidy. After all, this is a room where the whole family enjoys relaxing and spending time together, and you certainly don’t want it to be dirty and messy.

Here are a few simple tasks that will make it easier for you to quickly clean up your living room, so you can spend more time enjoying how clean it is.


1. Gather up your cleaning supplies

The first thing you should do is gather everything you will need to clean up the room. When your cleaning tools and supplies are ready, you will not get distracted from your tasks by walking around the house to search for them.

Since you are preparing yourself for a quick cleaning session, you will not need to gather that many things. You will need a duster, your vacuum cleaner, and perhaps a rag with a small bucket of warm water.


2. Pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the living room

You will also need a basket or a large container, so you can pick up any object that doesn’t belong in the living room before you get started with the cleaning.

Don’t waste your precious time running all over the house to put each object back in its rightful place. You can do that later. For now, put them all together in your basket, and place your basket outside of the living room so it will not get in your way.


3. Take good care of your television

Even if you spend a lot of time looking at your television, you might not always notice that it needs some dusting. Dust it off, and gently clean up the screen if it needs to be cleaned.

You should also take care of the pile of dvd boxes that is sitting next to your television, and of the video game console that your kids are always leaving on the floor in the middle of the room. Take a moment to organize all of these things.


4. Quickly organize your coffee table

You should also dust off and clean up the top of your coffee table, and quickly stack and organize any books, magazines, coasters, or any other objects that belong there.

If there is a bookshelf in your living room, be sure to also dust it off and to neatly organize everything that is standing on the shelves.


5. Dust the whole room

Using a feather duster or a reusable microfiber cloth, be sure to dust off the whole living room. It would make sense to start at one point of the room, and to keep going in a circular motion to make sure you are not forgetting any spot.


6. Vacuum the couch

Many vacuum cleaners have an upholstery brush attachment that can be useful to brush the dust off couches, armchairs, and cushions. Take a moment to vacuum your couch and your armchairs with the brush of your vacuum cleaner. When you are done, fluff and replace your cushions.


7. Vacuum the floor

The final touch is a very important one. Grab your vacuum cleaner, and thoroughly vacuum the floor or the carpet of your living room. You will be picking up not only the dust and dirt that was already on the floor, but also everything you just dusted off the furniture and the window sills.

When you are done, put away your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools, and take some time to relax.

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