7 Interesting Facts About IT Disasters

If your business doesn’t have an IT disaster recovery plan, you are vulnerable; IT disasters are not situations that can only happen to other people. Here are 7 interesting facts that will convince you of the importance of having a strong IT disaster recovery plan.

1. IT disasters can have different causes

If you feel like an IT disaster is a very unlikely event, think about the different possible causes of such an event. An IT disaster can happen during a hurricane or an earthquake, or simply because of a power outage or a computer virus.

2. Natural disasters are not responsible for most IT disasters

It is estimated that around 70% of the problems faced by businesses are caused by hardware or software that are not functioning properly, or by human error. These events are more difficult to predict than earthquakes.

3. Most businesses that face an IT disaster will go out of business

Unfortunately, around 80% of businesses that are hit by a major IT disaster will go out of business within 3 years, and 60% of them should shut down within only 6 months. You certainly don’t want to be a part of these statistics.

4. Businesses need to be able to get back on their feet quickly

After an IT disaster, businesses that are not able to resume their operations within 10 days will probably have no other choice but to shut down. You have to be prepared for the worse, and to be able to react quickly.

5. Most small businesses don’t have an IT disaster recovery plan

Around 35% of small and medium size businesses have a detailed and reliable IT disaster recovery plan in place. The other ones are vulnerable and could lose a lot of money, or even go out of business if they were to face the unexpected.

6. Relying on cloud storage is a good idea

Only 25% of businesses that have a recovery plan are relying on cloud storage, but 20% of them will be able to recover from an IT disaster in less than 4 hours. Only 9% of businesses that are not using cloud storage can recover this quickly.

7. A good IT disaster recovery plan should include many aspects

Your recovery plan should predict what employees will do in case of a disaster, where they will go, how they will keep doing their work, and how your systems will be recovered.

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