6 Tips to Take Care of Your Patio Furniture

You have invested a lot of money into your brand new patio furniture, and you want to take good care of it to make sure it will keep looking its best, year after year. Here are 6 simple tips to help you take care of your beautiful patio furniture.

1. Don’t let it outdoors during the winter

You are probably not planning on using your patio furniture during the winter. When the weather starts getting cold, move your patio furniture inside so it will not end up trapped under a thick layer of snow or ice during a few months.

2. Invest in some patio furniture covers

If you don’t have enough room to keep your patio furniture inside during the winter, you should invest in some quality patio furniture covers. Your patio furniture covers will protect your furniture from snow, ice, and even rain. You will be able to use them all year long, whenever the weather gets bad.

Outdoor cushions can be protected by a fabric guard product. Teak patio furniture can be protected by a teak sealer, while resin wicker patio furniture should never be coated with anything. Wrought iron furniture can be protected with wax. Any moving or folding part of your patio furniture should be oiled once in awhile.

3. Clean your outdoor cushions properly

Outdoor cushions made from outdoor fabrics sometimes need to be cleaned. You can remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner, and clean stains with warm water and mild dish soap before letting your cushions air dry. Never use harsh cleaners or chemicals.

4. Learn how to clean wicker patio furniture

Cleaning resin wicker patio furniture is easy. Start by using a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove the dirt that is trapped inside the wicker lattice. When this is done, use warm water and some mild soap to gently scrub the furniture, and let it air dry.

5. Learn how to clean teak patio furniture

Teak is very durable, and is often used to create patio furniture. Teak patio furniture can be cleaned with a half of warm water, and a half of vinegar or laundry detergent. Simply scrub the dirty areas of your furniture with a brush, and rinse it out before letting it dry.

6. Learn how to clean aluminum & wrought iron patio furniture

Patio furniture made from aluminum is durable, and available in many different styles. To clean aluminum patio furniture, you will need a mild outdoor multi-surface cleaner. Spray it onto your aluminum furniture, and scrub it with a soft brush or a sponge before rinsing it and letting it air dry.

Wrought iron patio furniture can add some rustic charm to any patio. It can be cleaned with water and mild soap, and you should also let it air dry. Be sure to clean any greasy spot as soon as possible, to avoid discoloring the iron.


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