6 Facts You Might Not Know About DNA

The world of DNA is a very intriguing one. There are many things about it that can seem unbelievable and even shocking. For example, you may think you have unique DNA. Yet, we share almost 100 percent of our DNA with everyone else on the planet! There is just a small percentage of your DNA that you do not share with anyone else. This is what makes you unique. We even share 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees. It would be more believable if we shared the 2 percent with them. Let’s take a look at some DNA facts that you may not know.

1. What’s DNA?

DNA is a simple way of saying deoxyribonucleic acid. It is responsible for sending instructions to proteins to tell it what to create. We all have unique DNA, including the animal kingdom. This is basically why we can only create what we are. In other words, human beings can only create human beings and so on.

2. All Living Things Have DNA

Anything and everything that is living will have DNA. Even plants have DNA. In fact, even when something has died, you could extract DNA from it. DNA molecules are made up of guanine, thymine, cytosine and adenine. This is what makes up the blueprint for all living things.

3. It Looks Like A Staircase

You can actually see DNA under a microscope. It is pretty amazing as it looks like a spiral staircase! It is all placed in a specific way and they all have their special codes. This will represent something such as the hair on our head or the horn of a rhinoceros.

4. DNA In Twins

During pregnancy, when the woman’s egg splits into two, the two embryos will have the same DNA. There may be very minute variations, but this will result in identical twins. Not all twins are identical though. For non-identical twins, half the DNA is shared.

5. DNA From Parents

We get half our DNA from each of our biological parents and half of that is from our biological grandparents. This is why, sometimes, a grandchild can have features that resemble that of a grandparent. The amazing thing is, however we look can actually be going back hundreds of years! Remember though; even if we look like a parent or a grandparent, this is not proof of a biological relationship.

Most of the time, we pretty much know who our parents or grandparents are. Sometimes though, some kind of proof will be needed. For example, if you happen to be a prince and you needed to know if you were the rightful successor to the throne (especially if there was a doubt), then a DNA test can conclusively tell if you are indeed related to someone or not.

6. Health Risks

If you wanted to know if you are genetically at risk of a potential health problem, especially a serious one, a DNA test can give you this vital information. In fact, you can also test to see if an unborn child may be at risk of carrying a certain gene!

DNA and genetics are truly fascinating, and can be explore in greater depth with a DNA test, which you can readily obtain at CRI Genetics or other providers. Every single day, our DNA gets damaged, but it can repair itself. When it does not, then you can get diseases in the future.

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