5 Ways to Sell Your Home So Much Faster

It seems like in today’s surging real estate market you can sell any type of home. It doesn’t matter if the windows are falling out, if the rooftop is caving in or if you have an attic that has an open concept kitchen and bathroom. It looks like any kind of home is selling for $1 million.

Even if your home isn’t in that type of condition, it is always best to give your property a shot in the arm, a little boost. This will always ensure a higher price-tag and initiate a bidding war.

In addition to bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels and backyard installations, one of the best things you can do when your home is on the market is some home staging. This will always make prospects a lot more interested in buying your home, and give you a chance to show off.

You have likely seen home staging in your neighbourhood or on television. If you’re interested in something like this, you don’t have to worry: it isn’t expensive, hard or stressful.

Here are five home staging tips to sell your home faster:

1. Give Your Home a Major Scrub

From top to bottom, from the basement to the attic, you must give your home a major scrub.

Cleaning your home is essential to home staging, especially if you’re renting accent pieces, furniture items and other goods to fit your living room, dining room or kitchen.

If you have lived in this house for 23 years then you likely need to spend your entire week cleaning the home. Even when you’re done, you’ll still find more places that need cleaning.

2. Clear All of the Clutter

We all accumulate a lot of clutter over the years, especially if you have lived at the same place for a long period of time. Well, it is time to clear away all of that clutter and toss it outside.

No matter how much you clean, clutter can always make a home seem dirtier than it is.

Moving forward, throw out anything that you haven’t used in at least one year.

One more piece of advice: depersonalize your living arrangements, too.

3. Make Your Front Entrance Welcoming

The very first thing that potential homebuyers will see is your front entrance: the lawn, driveway, garage and front porch. You should make your front entrance as welcoming as possible: a welcome mat, flowers, lighting, some furniture and a clean yard.

You don’t want to have it dirty, dilapidated and dull because that will make the wrong impression almost immediately.

4. What Season Are You in?

When you place the home on the market, you have to consider what season you’re in. This is important because the way you stage your home should depend on what season it is.

For instance, if it is summertime, then you will want a backyard patio, plenty of open windows and a bright interior setting. Meanwhile, it if is autumn then you want a cozy atmosphere.

5. Add a Bit of Style to Your Dining Room

What is the most neutral part of your home? It is likely the dining room. Therefore, you should add a bit of style to your dining room – this is where your successors will spend a lot of their time with family and friends.

A fresh coat of paint, candles, artwork, new chairs and a bouquet of flowers are just some of the measures you can employ as you stylize the dining room. Any little bit helps!

Home staging can be a fun process, particularly if you know it will add to your price-tag. You can rearrange your furniture, organize all of your rooms and welcome individuals who will likely compliment you on maintaining a fine home after all of these years. It is richly rewarding.

You may think that home staging is superfluous considering that this is the greatest seller’s market that has ever unfolded in Toronto’s history, but it is the perfect complement to a real estate agent’s marketing plan. Plus, any home staging investment will pay dividends right away.

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