5 Ways Real Estate Agents Use CRM to Manage Their Database

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful and effective tool used by some of the best real estate agents. The reason these agents are so successful? They use CRM, it’s as simple as that. These agents make more money and are very organized thanks to this application that simplifies everything for them and lets them know what to do and when to do it. Here are several reasons why it’s important for real estate agents to use CRM.

1. Highly Organized

The application allows an agent to be highly organized with minimal effort. All contacts and information are found in one place but it’s also integrated with email, so contacting clients right from your CRM is easy and convenient. The tools make it simple to know when and who should be contacted as well as where each client is in the sales cycle. CRM allows you to send email drip campaigns and virtually automates the majority of your marketing.

2. Succeed With Follow Up Efforts

Referrals are such an important source for any business, including real estate. Because the CRM is so powerful, it simplifies everything; you will know who to follow up with, when to do so and using what method. The moment you log in to your system, you’ll be prompted as to who to send an email to, who requires a phone call or when to update something on social media. By not following up, especially on referrals, plenty of potential business is lost.

3. Contacting Past Clients

Thinking of past clients as history is a big mistake. CRM allows you to stay in touch with them. Remember, these clients have given you your success in the first place. Having them in your database to give you reminders to contact them and even some follow up marketing is wise. After all, a past client may actually need an agent again, so why give them an opportunity to use someone else when the history between them and yourself has been good? Make them come back to you by keeping in touch.

4. Social Media

Today, if you do not use social media for your business, you’ll never be in the top three standing on that podium. CRM allows you to link to your social media accounts and use it productively. Keep in touch with your social media contacts and you’ll eventually grow a stronger relationship with them, which can lead to greater success for you.

5. Agents Using CRM Earn More

Isn’t this what it’s all about? Real estate agents who are savvy with CRM earn much more than those who only use spreadsheets or a simple contact manager like Gmail or Outlook. The difference in earnings can be greater than $50,000 a year. That is HUGE! What better incentive to start using CRM?

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