5 Useful Features of a Commercial Exhaust Fan

Commercial exhaust fans are one of the most unappreciated appliances. Exhaust fans have many uses the span from industrial use to everyday use in the home. Commercial exhaust fans are designed to help you maintain an environment with clean air by eliminating pollutants. Check out this blog post that looks at the benefits of using a commercial exhaust fan!

1. What Is A Commercial Exhaust Fan?

Commercial exhaust fans are designed to remove odors, heat, steam and even gases from the air. These powerful fans keep the air clean in your home or business environment. Commercial exhaust fans are commonly found in restaurants, factories, and hospitals.

Exhaust fans help protect your work environment by eliminating potentially harmful inhalants. Commercial exhaust fans also help eliminate bacteria and allergens in the air to create a clean environment. These fans are especially useful in restaurants where grease can start to build-up on the walls. Commercial exhaust fans also help hospitals maintain sterile environments by clearing unwanted moisture and pollutants from the air.

2. Commercial Exhaust Fans Are An Easy Way To Control Humidity

Commercial exhaust fans are especially effective in bathrooms and laundry rooms thanks to their ability to control moisture. Exhaust fans are powerful enough to pull the moist air out of a room which makes it hard for bacteria to thrive. Mold and mildew need moisture and humidity to survive.

Exhaust fans can also remove heat in addition to moisture. Commercial exhaust fans are great in kitchens where temperatures rise from all the cooking and appliances running at the same time. Commercial exhaust fans can be used in combination with portable air conditioners to keep hot work environments safe for employees.

3. Maintains The Health Of Your Walls And Fabrics

Another benefit of using a range hood is to protect fabrics from absorbing smells. Range hoods are a great way to protect the fabrics in your home, restaurant or industrial business. Curtains and other fabric materials absorb grease, doors, and smoke; a range hood will help protect and extend the life of fabrics in the environment.

If you notice your home still smells hours after cooking, chances are your walls and fabrics are absorbing smells. Frying onions and baking are notorious for making homes stuffy and smell like food long after the cooking is done. Using a commercial exhaust fan will help you avoid these problems.

4. Keeps The Air Clean

Commercial exhaust fans are great for removing potentially toxic pollutants from the air. This makes exhaust fans excellent for protecting your employees at work or establishing a clean environment. Commercial exhaust fans can easily eliminate smoke, steam, and gasses caused by cooking or other activities.

Because commercial exhaust fans are so efficient at cleaning the air, they also help cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs, and mold. Industrial exhaust fans are an excellent way of improving the air quality of a single room or an entire office. Exhaust fans also help cut down on the amount of carbon monoxide present in your environment.

5. Improves Your Property Value

The in-home version of a commercial exhaust fan is called a range hood. Not having one in today’s real estate market actually harms the value of your home. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, a quality range hood is an excellent place to start.

Range hoods are excellent for removing unwanted cooking doors. They are highly valued because of how well they contribute to maintaining a clean cooking and living environment. If you already have a range hood, upgrading to a new version can increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

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