5 Tricks to Have Fabulous Hair in the Summer

Between chlorine filled pools, long days at the beach, and windy car rides, maintaining healthy hair in the summer can be quite a challenge. In order to achieve the beachy waves or long mermaid locks, you need to keep hair healthy and strong. Here are some tips and tricks to avoiding the damage and enjoying the summer with beautiful, healthy hair.

1. Wash Less Often

The number one tip to healthy hair, regardless of the season, is to use less shampoo. This is especially true in the summer months as you are exposing your hair to harsh environments, such as chlorine, and UV rays. Many shampoo brands contain drying chemicals that remove the natural oils in your hair to clean and dry-out hair. It is important to wash less often to minimize the exposure of chemicals and to let the natural oils act as healing ingredients.

If you are finding that your hair is becoming greasy, try using dry shampoo or baby (talc) powder to remove the excess oils. A good technique is to wash your hair twice a week while conditioning daily.

2. Condition Daily

Even though you are skipping the shampoo, make sure to condition your hair daily. This moisturizing treatment can be a wet conditioner or a mixture of oils. Some great conditioning treatments include coconut oil, argon oil and aloe vera juice. For an added moisturizing treatment, try leaving on the natural product overnight and gently washing it in the morning. You will be left with super soft and shiny hair.

3. Wear loose, relaxed styles

The ideal summer hair is beach waves or a long braid for comfort and style. Any hairstyle that removes the stress of elastics, pins or hairspray is a great option to maintaining healthy summer hair. As your hair is already dry from the summer heat, you do not want to risk damaging it by breaking or pulling on weakened hairs from elastics. Try new styles and embrace your natural hair. Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser for new hairstyle ideas!

4. Remove Swimmers Hair

If you are a blonde who loves to swim but hates the green-hair side effects, try rinsing your hair with 2 cups of water and ¼ apple cider vinegar. For best results, do this rinse as soon as you are out of the chlorine water. This will remove the green tint and restore your blonde highlights (natural or dyed). Finish this remedy with a conditioning treatment to restore lost moisture from the chemicals. If you are swimming often, try to avoid ample exposure to pool chemicals by wearing a shower cap or keeping your hair above water.

5. Less is Best

Avoid putting heat on already fragile hair. This includes minimizing the use of blow dryers or straighteners; let the external temperature dry your hair for a natural look. Along with the tools, avoid hair product. Keep with relaxed styles and avoid hair spray or styling gel. Your hair is increasing fragile from the harsher, warmer climate, by avoiding product, you will use the natural oils in your hair to rejuvenate and moisturize. If you feel that your hair needs a boost, try using natural home remedies such as lemon juice or coconut oil for styling.

The best way to keep your hair healthy in the summer is by giving your body what it needs. For healthy, strong, long, and shiny hair, make sure to stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet and workout routine, and take care of your skin by wearing UV ray protection.

Give these 5 tips a try and enjoy your natural, healthy summer hair.

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