5 Summer Camp Tips for All Children & Parents

Summer camp: a time for children to absquatulate from their parents and a time for parents to get a respite from their children.

Let’s face it: summer camp is the opportunity for kids to showcase their independence.

It is never too early to plan for summer camp – it doesn’t matter if it just finished or it’s in the middle of winter. Summer camp, whether it’s one week or for the entire summer, is something that should never be taken lightly. It requires plenty of planning and consideration.

Everything from bringing the right clothing to ensuring they are safe on their own, parents need to do their due diligence and research every aspect of summer camp, even if they’re seasoned veterans – things change, new items are needed and children have suggestions.

Here are five summer camp tips for all children and parents:

1. Peruse a Summer Camp Guide in Your Town

This could be your child’s first time at summer camp or it could be their fifth. Whatever the case, you always want to locate the best summer camp organization in your city or province.

You can achieve this by perusing a summer camp guide that can give you all of the necessary information that can ensure you have made the right choice for you and your children.

2. Visit the Summer Camp & Engage with Staff

Once you have limited your options to three or four, you need to visit the summer camp – be sure to bring your children – and engage with the staff. Since this is a big decision to make for your son and/or daughter, you must ask plenty of questions, inspect the surroundings and ensure that everything is in tip top shape.

Moreover, you can utilize the power of the Internet to read testimonials, check reviews and find out if there are any negative stories pertaining to the site.

3. Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Now that is out of the way, preparation is the next thing to concentrate on.

How exactly do you prepare your child for summer camp? Here are some suggestions:

  • Allow your kid to participate in a sleepover with friends for an entire weekend.
  • Teach your child how to take care of himself, like making bed sheets or fixing a button.
  • Practice walking in the dark with a flashlight.
  • Communicate with your child about what some of their concerns may be.

These are only some of the preparation tips that you should take advantage of.

4. Create a Packing List for Camp

For the most part, the summer camp office will give you a packing list for your child. That said, it would also be prudent to have your own packing list to give you peace of mind that your kid has everything they need for the next little while.

Additional socks, old sneakers, oral hygiene products, their name on their items, writing utensils, stamps and paper. These are just some of the things that your child should have with them.

5. Nervous Kid? Make Them Feel Wonderful

Let’s be honest: no matter how confident they may say they are, they are likely nervous.

It is your job to reduce that anxiety by making them feel wonderful and excited. Since they are likely to be homesick, you should pack some of your family photos in their bags, their favourite t-shirts, pre-written letters, a stuffed animal to help them sleep at night and so much more.

The Huffington Post has a great idea:

“My mom and I had a special deal that we would both go outside at 9:30 p.m. every night and look up at the stars and say goodnight. When I looked up, I knew that she was looking up too.”

It’s easier said than done, but it is your job to minimize their anxieties and tensions.

Hi ho. Hi ho. Off to camp we go! Summer camp is an enriching experience, and most children will never forget the time they had. They learn something new, they see new sights and they get to witness the great outdoors.

With children just spending time in front of the computer, their Nintendo and the television these days, summer camp provides a sublime opportunity for kids to just walk around and enjoy life. As long as you’re prepared, they will be fine.

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