5 Reasons Why Steel Is the Best Building Material

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new building materials on the market. Steel isn’t as exciting or groundbreaking as other materials, but it’s still one of the best materials in use today. Over 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year which makes it easily the most economical building material. Here are five reasons why you should use steel for your next project!

1. Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials. Most steel comes from recycled products such as old cars, railroad tracks, and other metal recyclables. In addition, steel is usually only manufactured to order, which means there isn’t a surplus of steel being made that no one is using. The manufacturing process for steel causes very little waste and has little impact on the environment.

According to a study from The World Steel Association, over 22 billion tonnes of steel has been recycled since 1900. Because steel is 100% recyclable, it’s one of the most common materials to get repurposed. By choosing steel, you’re ensuring someone else in the future will use your budding for something else long after you’re done with it. 

2. Concrete Vs. Steel

Both concrete and steel have numerous benefits, but steel is still able to edge out concrete as the better material. Steel framing is an excellent choice for buildings in seismic zones. Concrete simply isn’t as pliant as steel and cannot absorb energy from earthquakes without cracking. Additionally, steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. It’s much easier to create long spans of column-free space using steel which makes it an excellent material for unique design requires. While concrete can achieve the same effect, it’s nowhere as easy.

3. Low Maintenance

Steel buildings are incredibly low maintenance. Most steel is rust protected and resistant to corrosion. Steel buildings have sloped roof designs which allows water to run off and prevents heavy loads of snow from resting on the roof. It’s recommended you inspect your steel building around twice a year to check for damage. It’s also a good idea to regularly spray down the outside of your building to prevent fungi and mildew from building up on your building. Aside from the occasional spray down and ensuring water is draining away from the building, your steel building pretty much takes care of itself.

4. Steel Is Economical

A lot of steel buildings come pre-manufactured. Pre-manufactured helps you save money on labor costs and reduces the impact on the environment caused by construction. It’s estimated pre-manufactured steel buildings reduces construction time by 20 percent and up to 40 percent. Steel buildings also require less point of contact with the earth when compared to other building which reduces the amount of excavation required. Steel is an excellent option if you’re trying to save time and money. 

5. Steel Is Incredibly Durable

Steel is one of the best substances for extreme weather conditions. Steel structures are designed to absorb energy from powerful winds and earthquakes and bend without breaking. Because steel has such a high strength to weight ration, you can secure vast areas with few materials. Steel is also fire resistant and burns at a much slower rate than other materials. Steel eventually melts at high temperatures however its resistance to heat gives you plenty of time to escape.

All in all, steel is the most reliable long-term material for new facilities. Steel is incredibly versatile and can meet traditional needs and is also an excellent choice for artistic projects. Steel is one of the most repurposed materials so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part for the environment. Steel is easy to maintain, durable and is an excellent material to meet unique design requirements.


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