5 Most Popular Alternative Cancer Treatments

If you or a member of your family gets cancer, particularly if that disease is life-threatening, you should get all the medical advice that is available. For some people, that is enough and they simply follow the directions and treatment suggested by their doctor or oncologist. Many others, however, disappointed with the results and effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, or cannot go through with these types of regimes for all kinds of reasons, seek out an alternative path. Today there are many effective, nontoxic cancer treatments that are showing great promise and offering new hope to cancer patients and their families.

There is some opposition to these alternative cancer therapies and treatments. Some in the regular medical establishment seem to be threatened by this approach, as do the multinational drug companies who stand to lose a lot of money if these much more inexpensive treatments became widely available. They have supressed information about these alternative treatments and even challenged their validity in real court and the court of public opinion.

There are an estimated 100 non-toxic or less toxic treatments for cancer that traditional treatments. Almost all are offered by medical doctors or naturopaths with degrees in biology, chemistry and other related sciences or have had extensive experience in research. Here are five of the most popular alternative cancer treatments.

1. Max Gerson Therapy

This particular cancer treatment has two main components. They are the detoxification of wastes and toxins, and an nutritional program that provides the body with a quantity of healing nutrients. It has been shown to be effective on almost all types of cancer and it is particularly effective for invasive cancers. One version of the Max Gerson Therapy showed that cachexia, the process of wasting away, can actually be prevented or delayed. There is also less need for analgesics, a slower progression of existing liver metastases, and less risk of other complications. The only place in the world where this treatment is available is in Tijuana, Mexico.

2. Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (IAT)

Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (IAT) consists of a two-step procedure involving an evaluation to measure deficiencies of blood proteins, followed by injections of cytokines (immune substances) that augment immune system functioning and help to shrink tumors. According to reports, over half of the patients who receive this treatment experience tumor reduction and many have a long-term regression and some even experience a full regression of their cancer. It has proven most effective in treating some forms of colon and stomach cancers.

3. Laetrile (Amygdalin)

Latriele is a concentrated extract of amygdalin made from apricot kernels. It was first shown to have a substantial effect on inhibiting the growth of secondary tumors in a case study involving mice. It has subsequently been found effective in treating lung cancer and has been known to produce a 60 percent reduction in lung metastases. Despite these successes and positive experiments completed at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, this treatment has been downplayed and supressed.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide have been claimed to kill bacteria and viruses, oxidize toxins, and stimulate the immune system. When it is combined with radiation treatment, it allowed the sick tissue around the cancer to recover more rapidly. Hydrogen peroxide works to stimulate natural killer cells that attack cancer cells and reduce their capacity to spread throughout the body.

5. Hoxsey Therapy

The Hoxsey Therapy consists of a combination of internal and external herbal preparations along with a special diet, nutritional supplements and counseling. It works by strengthening the immune system and to help carry away wastes and toxins from tumors. One report from the American Office of Technology Assessment concluded “more recent literature leaves no doubt that Hoxsey’s formula does indeed contain many plant substances of marked therapeutic activity”.

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