5 Money Saving Tips for Special Event Rentals

A wedding or a baby shower, a birthday or an anniversary. You will be holding a special event over the next couple of months to celebrate an important milestone or accomplishment in your life. These occasions only happen once or twice in your lifetime so congratulations.
You want to go all out, but the money in your wallet isn’t enough. You don’t want to solicit funds from your closest circle or random people on the Internet. You also don’t want to use your credit card to fund the festivities. What are you going to do?

It’s simple: take advantage of special event rental facilities. These are establishments that provide a wide array of goods and services at a low cost. Instead of purchasing several items you’ll never use again, going all over the city to buy products and renting from different businesses, all of your special event needs are sitting in one convenient location.

At the same time, you still want to save some dough on these rentals, even if they are offered at a reasonable price.

Here are five money saving tips for special event rentals can help you:

1. Plan Out What You Need

Rather than frantically ordering what you need a week before the big day, it would be a prudent idea to plan out what you need far in advance.

For instance, if a party is taking place at the end of the year, then you should begin planning right now, determining how many people you want to attend (see below), where you will be celebrating, what you will be needing and the list goes on.

The more you plan, the more you do your due diligence, the better off you will be.

2. Budget the Variable Costs

It is difficult to budget a celebration line by line. There is always a variable cost involved somewhere.

A few of these variable costs may include delivery and tip, contract fees and deposits. Even if you have created a stupendous and detailed budget, you should create an extra line that allocates you a couple of hundred extra dollars. It’s better to do it this way then to be surprised at the end.

3. Try to Limit Your Guests

Since it is a special event, you want to have as many guests as possible (this is your heart speaking). On the other hand, the special event may be an intimate one, which would result in a limited number of guests (this is your brain speaking).

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to limit the people on your guest list.

4. Have Your Celebrations Indoors

It is great to have outdoor celebrations, particularly in the middle of autumn or in the middle of summer. However, as this past summer would attest to, Mother Nature oftentimes has different plans for us, which means that it would be better to head indoors.

To save money on extras, and to make the entire setting easier to put together, keep it inside.

5. Finger Foods Are Better Than Meals

Food is likely the biggest cost to deal with, which means you need to adapt to the situation. The best way to adapt is to offer your guests finger foods rather than full-blown meals.

As an example, instead of serving duck en croute, chicken cordon bleu and t-bone steaks, you should provide your guests with platters, self-serve beverages and plenty of bread – we fill up easier with bread.

Moreover, you should have an abundance of plates, cutlery and napkins for everyone.

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