5 Interesting Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Many people have taken to electronic cigarettes as a better alternative to smoking cigars and cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not as harmful as cigarettes and it’s also cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. People are also using e-cigarettes as a way to cut down and eventually quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. It’s easy to see why it’s gaining in popularity. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of smoking e-cigarettes instead of tobacco.

1. More Money In Your Wallet

Tobacco cigarettes are very expensive and seem to get higher every now and then. In comparison, e-cigarettes will cost you far less. There are disposable as well as reusable varieties. It’s longer-lasting as well. The only items that need replacing are the pre-filled cartridge or the e-juice.

2. Nicotine Is Adjustable

By using a vaping device, you can easily adjust the nicotine level in the e-juice. This doesn’t alter the taste too much which is a bonus. It’s a little trickier to do this with cigarettes, though not impossible, but it’s incredibly customizable with a vaping device. This is a great way to gradually reduce nicotine in the e-juice and if so desired, you can cut out nicotine completely until you’re just vaping with no nicotine.

3. Free Of That Nasty Lingering Odour

Let’s face it, cigarettes stink and their smell gets everywhere. Not only that, it lingers. If you get into a smoker’s car, home or even within close proximity of a smoker, you can tell that they smoke cigarettes, can’t you? That smell is unique and gets everywhere. Vaping on the other hand is pretty odour-free. In fact, unless someone saw you vaping, they’d probably never guess that you used a vaping device. The difference is, one is smoke while the other is vapour.

4. You Won’t Start Fires

Unlike cigarettes, a vaping device does not need any combustion. You need matches or a lighter with cigarettes. Carelessness can cause burns on clothes. Inconsiderateness and sheer stupidity can cause fires when someone tosses a lit cigarette butt from the balcony. Sometimes, even with care, a flame could still be going even though someone thought they had put it out. It’s a serious fire hazard, one that does not exist with a vaping device.

5. Smell & Taste

It’s thought that smoking cigarettes diminishes your sense of smell and taste. This happens gradually over time. If you turned to vaping, these senses can slowly come back. Besides, vaping doesn’t make your breath smell bad, nor does it discolour your teeth.

Just make sure to follow the local laws so that you don’t get into any trouble for vaping in the wrong place. Just like with cigarettes, vaping is also governed by certain laws, so stay safe.

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