5 Effective Post-Infestation Methods of Pest Control

Not only are pests repulsive, but they also post a huge risk to the health of pets and human beings. Be it fleas, cockroaches, termites, rats, houseflies, fungus, mosquitoes, and many others, they are extremely off-putting and unsanitary. This is why on the onset of an infestation; everybody reacts fast to get rid of them. After a thorough clean-up to eliminate all pest breeding areas, all larva, pupa, and mature pests, however, most people forget the steps to take to prevent a relapse. This explains why pest control contractors will visit the same establishments and homes over and over. The information and resources at Quality Affordable Pest Control can provide you with additional insights. Here are the 5 topmost effective post infestation methods to prevent any relapses of pest’s infestations:

1. Keeping the kitchen clean

Pests, like human beings, rely on food for growth. The primary source of food in a household is the kitchen. When jars are left open, and food particles left all over the place, be assured that any pest left behind after fumigation, will eat and grow, then finally reproduce to cause another infestation. To prevent this, kitchens should be cleaned to prevent damp or dirty racks, counters, drawers, or stovetops. These are the most likely areas to harbour fallen food particles; therefore, they should receive maximum attention to eliminate an infestation problem.

2. Keeping the bathroom disinfected

While most people may not be familiar with this, most pests could go for days without food, but cannot sustain without water. Furthermore, clean-up and pest control services often forget to include bathrooms as part of the pest control exercise. The result of this is the reoccurrence of infestation. To prevent this, the bathroom should be cleaned regularly and dried out after use. Toilets should also be disinfected to kill bacteria and any moss present. Roaches, in particular, are quite fond of drainage systems. To prevent them from re-infesting, keep the bathroom disinfected and drains sanitary.

3. Sliced fruits and vegetables should be refrigerated, but only for a day or two

The sugar in fruits and vegetables tends to attract flies and other insects. When kept in the fridge, they should also not stay out for too long as this could lead to rotting smells that attract ants and houseflies, both of which are extremely hard to eliminate.

4. Keep garbage out of the house or dispose of garbage regularly

This is perhaps the most important factor. Odours and rotten food are a key cause of rodents, houseflies, mice rats, and cockroaches. These pests pose huge health risks, especially to young children. They should, therefore, be eliminated by completely cutting off their regular supplies in trash cans.

5. Maintain outdoor areas

This is another factor that most people may not be aware of, as a major cause of pest infestation and relapse. Most pests can occupy both outdoor and indoor areas. When the garden contains dropped fruit, garbage, stagnated water, dirty ponds, pits, and bushy growths, it can harbour harmful pests. This is why all gardens and lawns should be kept as spotless as the indoor areas. This prevents rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, and many others.

With these simple tips, any remaining pests after pest control through fumigation, biological, or mechanical means will be eliminated for good.

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