5 Document Management Tips to Improve Business Productivity

In today’s age of technology, more businesses are making the move towards document management in an effort to be more efficient. Has your business adopted the document management model yet? If not, you are missing out on numerous benefits that could potentially save you time and money, not to mention an opportunity to make your company more productive.

1. Reduces storage space

As your company’s hard drive eventually gets bogged down with files, you have two options: delete needed files or increase your hard drive size. Usually neither option is possible or attractive. Document management provides the ultimate opportunity to have documents available in cloud storage and accessible at any time. This frees up your company’s hard drive and does not force you to delete anything. Document management also allows you to save on costs such as physical storage space, filing cabinets, boxes, and storage bins.

2. Allows for better accessibility and collaboration

Because all files are stored in cloud format, all authorized employees have access to a document as soon as it is added to the database from any computer. Electronics documents can be accessed and sent to any employee that needs it, allowing projects to be initiated and completed with greater efficiency and in a more timely manner. When a document is scanned, a digital version is created as well, allowing a user to scan the document for keywords relating to the information required. The document filename can also be searched for by keyword, allowing a user to find the needed document quicker rather than hunting it down in a file cabinet, storage bin, box etc.

3. Increased productivity

An increase in accessibility and collaboration will in turn lead to an increase in productivity.As accessing and sharing documents become easier, employees will be less burdened with locating correct documents and sharing them with relevant parties and concentrate more time on their workload. Document management systems can allow for standardization and effective version control. It prevents employees from working on duplicate copies of a document that can lead to confusion and the need to go back and correct avoidable mistakes. One standard document in cloud storage guarantees a team is working on the same file and that everyone involved is getting correct and up-to-date information.

4. Keeps files more secure

Viruses are a part of everyday life in a world of technology so keeping files safe is a top priority. A document management system is protected by an effective virus protection program that will safeguard your files from being corrupted or stolen. Files will only be accessible with correct passwords and a comprehensive authentication system.

It also provides a record of who has accessed a file, when it was accessed, and if any modifications were made. Files in cloud storage will be safe if your company hard drive crashes, saving you the trouble and cost of locating someone to recover your documents. Your files would also be safe from office theft, flood, fire, or natural disaster.

In the event support is required, a document management company often has technicians on hand to assist employees with any issues that they are having.

5. Cost savings

Document management systems are attractive because they equal cost savings. As mentioned, when all files are kept in cloud storage, there is no need for physical storage such as file cabinets and storage bins. Savings on paper supplies, printer toner, and printer maintenance will increase as well because users will only need to print the documents when absolutely necessary and will reduce the load on your printer. Your company can also save on labour costs or repurpose employees as filing clerks are not required to manage on-site documents.

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