5 Coolest Features of Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are really unique, classy and elegant and there are so many reasons why someone would consider buying one. Yet, it can also be said that they are quite rare, despite how easy it is to get one. Just take a look around and you will hardly see anyone wearing a wooden watch. They have become increasingly popular, yet, ironically, it can still be difficult to spot someone wearing one.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why you should consider buying a wooden watch for yourself or as perfect gift for someone.

1. Use Of Recycled Wood

Many of the better companies that make wooden watches don’t really cut down trees to make their watches. Instead, they use recycled or reclaimed wood using a careful selection process in order to provide high quality to customers.

In fact, some of these companies will actually plant a tree for each watch they sell, whether it is locally or globally. That is a great thing for the planet, plus it shows that they care about the environment. Depending on who you buy it from, you may even get a certificate stating that a tree was planted in your honour!

2. Hypoallergenic

Some people may have an allergic reaction to metal or leather on their skin. They may develop an itch or rash due to their watch. This is not something that generally happens with wooden watches as they are hypoallergenic. You can safely wear a wooden watch and not break out.

3. Natural Wood

It is always better to buy from a good, reputable company because they go the extra mile. For example, some of these companies will use natural wood with their careful selection process. The wood is then tested to make sure it is free from any chemicals or toxins that will cause a sensitive wearer harm in any way.

Some of the companies that may sell wooden watches for cheaper prices will not use carefully selected wood nor will they subject it to stringent tests. These types of watches may not hurt most people, however, those who are sensitive may have a problem, so stick with the better sources.

4. Wood Watches Are Like Snowflakes

You’ve heard the saying that no two snowflakes are alike, right? Well, you can say the same thing about good wood watches. Since natural sources of wood are used, each watch will be unique and no two will be alike. Even if it is the same brand or same model and everything about it is the same, they will still have differences making each wood watch totally unique. Each watch will be made from different parts of wood, meaning the hue and grains will not be the same. Even the colour may be different, depending on the season and country the tree was from.

5. They Are Just So Cool!

Wood watches are just too cool! If you’ve ever seen one, you’ll have to agree. They are much cooler than plain old metal watches which every person seems to wear. Be prepared to receive loads of compliments. You never know, it can be a conversation starter with a total stranger and who knows where it could lead to? 50 years later, you may still be together and it all would have started with a wooden watch!

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