5 Cool Ideas to Use On Your Wooden Wine Boxes

When you buy wine, you may have noticed that there are some wines that are in beautiful wooden wine boxes. These can make nice gifts when you go to a party. It’s elegant and classy. Perhaps your favourite wine is packaged this way as well.

Wwhat do you do when the wine is gone? You’re left with a gorgeous box and you have no heart to throw it out. Here are some of the coolest ideas on using these wooden boxes and crates around the home especially if you’re one for DIY.

1. Make A Litter Box

For those of you who have pets, you can make your own cat litter box. If you use a bigger box, you can line it with a litter tray or something else that’s solid so that the kitty litter does not leak, just in case there are cracks or small openings in the wood. It is just as easily scooped out.

2. Use It As A Planter

Make a planter and grow some seasonal plants or whatever you wish. Make sure to have drainage. You’ll also need to waterproof the wood on the inside and the outside as well.

3. Bathroom Storage

Use wine boxes to make shelving so that you can use it to store things like towels, perfumes and colognes, creams, cleansers and all kinds of other things one would find in a bathroom. Attach a crate to the wall and if you have smaller crates, these can be made into the shelving.

4. Lighting

Make some holes or cut out shapes into the crates. Place the bulb so that it’s enclosed in the crate. It can act like a lampshade or you can get even more creative by making several which you can place on the floor, one on top of the other, or maybe in the garden. Imagine having a get together (at night) in the garden and placing these wooden crates with intricate holes cut in them that glow with light. It’s bound to be a hit. Many people will make comments and ask how it’s done, but it’s really easy if you have the proper tools to make the cuts.

5. Coffee Table

A wine crate coffee table can not only be the coolest thing ever, but it can be pretty functional as well. By using four wine crates placed on their sides, your coffee table will have an opening right in the middle. You could fill the opening by placing a plant or flower pot. Since the crates are placed on their sides, you could use the spaces to keep books, magazines and other eye-catching items and make full use of this space. It’s something that visitors will go nuts about, but even you will truly appreciate your amazing coffee table.

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