5 Convenient Benefits of Furnished Rentals

If you’ve rented an apartment before, chances are you’ve come across ads for furnished suites. Although these units offer plenty of benefits, many are hesitant to take one on. Some view furnished rentals as impersonal, sterile and unwelcoming. But, what many fail to realize is that furnished rentals are easier, and more cost effective compared to their unfurnished counterparts.

So, before you rule out furnished units have a look at the list below, because it may just convince you to reconsider an unfurnished unit.

1. They’re Perfect for First- Timers

If this is your first time looking for a home, chances are it will be a stressful process. First time renters are likely wrapped up in thinking about how much they can afford, where they want to live, with who, and when they’ll be moving. Which means, when it comes to move in day they are not as prepared as they’d like to think.

There will inevitably be items they forgot, or things they simply cannot afford. This is why renting a furnished unit, is the ideal situation for them. They will be able to live on their own, in a comfortable and functional unit, without the stress of having to acquire an entire apartment worth of furniture and appliances to do so.

2. It’ll Save You Money

Seeing as it’ll have everything (or almost everything) you’ll need, you won’t have to spend a large sum of money getting your household necessities. Instead, the renter can save the money they would have spent on furniture, appliances and up-keep. That way, they can put the funds towards more important needs.

This is ideal for students, or individuals living in a low- income brackets. Plus, when the renter moves, they will be saving money on moving costs. Because they won’t have to bring large items, they can rent a smaller truck, hire less people, and deal with less supplies. Overall, making it a smart financial decision.

3. An Easy Move

Having to plan the transition of your entire home can be tiring, stressful, and costly. When you move into a furnished apartment, you won’t have to worry. Chances are, there will be no need to coordinate movers, truck rentals, and packing supplies because the majority of items you need will already be at the home. This means, you’ll simply have to pack your personal belongings, get the key, and move in!

4. You Can Still Personalize It

Just because the furniture wasn’t chosen by you, doesn’t mean everything else can’t be. There are still plenty of things you can add to a space to make it your own. Many may think that living in a unit that is already furnished can give off a sterile or unwelcome appearance. However, the majority of furnished rentals provide you just with a unit’s large necessities.

This means you can still make it your own by adding in decorative pillow, table covers, and touches to bring some of your personality into the space.

5. Great for the Short Term

Maybe you have plans to live abroad for a few months, or intend on living in a place for only a year. If that’s the case, there’s no need to even think about renting an un-furnished unit.  Renting furnished means you won’t have to scramble to buy things, and get together a home in a small-time frame. Plus, you won’t feel guilty when you have to leave everything behind.

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