5 Best Experiences of Vacationing in China

As one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, visiting China is an easy choice for someone looking to book a vacation. China is one of the best holiday destinations and has a lot to offer a tourist. It has a vast amount of attractions that make it one of the most intriguing and popular nations in the world.

If you are looking for an exotic holiday full of new experiences and sites, then China may just be the vacation destination you are looking for. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider China tours for your next holiday.

1. Scenery

If you are looking for beautiful scenery then a visit to China should definitely be considered. As one of the largest countries in the world, China has incredible landscapes, offering deserts, seashores, plains, metropolitan areas, and high mountains.

China has everything a traveller can ask for all in one country. Some of its natural wonders include Everest, the Yangtze river, Hainan’s tropical forests and beaches, and Gobi deserts. Such diversity of scenery will ensure that anyone that visits China will get an experience full of fun and excitement no matter what their interests are.

2. Food

A visit to China will give you an opportunity to try some amazing food. However, you should not expect the food to be exactly the same as what you get when you order it at home. While there are some commonalities among foods, different regions of the country offer different dishes so travelling to different regions and sampling different meals will definitely give you the full Chinese food experience.

For example, noodles are a staple with any food while in the South, almost everything is served over rice. Regions such as Hunnan and Sichuan are world-renowned for their spicy dishes with places along the shores boasting some incredible seafood.

3. Culture

With a culture dating back to thousands of years, there is just a lot to see and experience in China in terms of culture. Apart from its language that pre-dates many others, you can also experience Chinese medicine, tea, opera, poetry, and porcelain. The Beijing opera should also be experienced as it is one of the most renowned operas in the world.

The people of China usually celebrate endless festivals taking place during important dates in their calendars. No matter what time of year you choose to visit China, there will always be something fun to do.

4. History

Few places in the world have a rich and vast history like China. For instance, the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall are some of the most famous and popular tourist attractions that you can see if you travel there.

Ancient trade routes such as the Silk Road or Tea Horse Trail can be explored as well as sites such as the Temple of Heaven or the Forbidden City to learn more about the culture and history of China.

5. Exciting products and amazing markets

Although China manufactures and exports a variety of products, they also have many unique products specific to the country that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Shopping in China can be a very exciting and unique experience as you explore different shops and market offering such things as jewellery, suits, scarves, toys, hand-carved crafts, and collectables.

Shopping in China is an experience different than many places because haggling over prices is done quite regularly. Therefore, if you find an item you absolutely need, do not be afraid to try and negotiate a lower price with the shop owner. You may just walk away with the item at a price much lower than what it was originally listed for.

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