4 Ways to Make Your Waste Disposal Environmentally Friendly

A kitchen waste disposal is a convenient thing to have. Anyone who has this in their home will attest to the fact that it makes domestic chores less arduous. It gives us more time to Netflix and chill, or whatever you want to do with that extra free time.

That said, garbage disposals can cause immense headaches if they are not taken care of.Many homeowners will see their garbage disposal break down because the drains are blocked and clogged, which then leads to a wide array of exorbitant plumbing problems.

Don’t you worry, though. Garbage disposal issues have more to do with human error. As long as you properly use and maintain your garbage disposal, it won’t experience too many setbacks. Remember, if you avoid the common mistakes then you won’t need to call the plumber.

Here are five ways to keep your garbage disposal problem-free:

1. A Garbage Disposal is NOT a Garbage Can

One of the most common issues that plumbing companies come across is that homeowners treat their waste disposal like a garbage can. Let’s face it: a garbage disposal is not a garbage can.

This means that you can’t grind glass, cigarette butts, large animal bones and last week’s tuna casserole. The general rule of thumb for ensuring a garbage disposal doesn’t give you any troubles is to not put anything inside that is not biodegradable food.

If you employ a little bit of common sense then you won’t have difficulties.

2. Keep it Clean as Much as Possible

The best thing you can do is to keep your waste disposal as clean as possible. A simple trick is to pour a tiny amount of dish soap and then allow the garbage disposal to run for about sixty seconds with cold water. Some also say a borax solution will suffice.

3. Run it on a Regular Basis

Whether you’re an environmentally-friendly household or you can’t be bothered to use the garbage disposal, it is recommended that you run it on a regular basis. Even if you don’t want to use it, by turning it on frequently you can prevent the buildup of corrosion and rust.Essentially, using it will keep everything working as smoothly as possible.

Let’s be honest: our patience wears a little bit thin in today’s environment. We don’t have much.A common error that homeowners make is they turn off the motor before the grinding is complete. This is bad for the waste disposal and will wear down the device soon.What you should do instead is wait until the grinding is complete. The next thing you can do is turn off the garbage disposal. Afterwards, you allow the water to run for a few seconds as it flushes out any particles are left behind. Finally, you turn the water off and voila!

4. Avoid Bleach or Drain Cleaners

You want a clean kitchen sink and you want to prevent a clogged drain. Therefore, you think that the best measure to employ is to clean the sink with bleach and use a drain cleaner for the pipes.

Simply put: do not do this!

By utilizing harsh chemicals, such as drain cleaners or bleach, you potentially damage the blades and pipes. Experts suggest that if you do want to get rid of odours, mold or mildew that accrues in garbage disposals then you can use borax since it is a natural sink cleaner and sanitizer.If you want to listen to your grandmother then she will also propose using a bit of lemon.

A kitchen waste disposal is a great tool to have in the home. It just makes everything that much easier. Of course, like anything else that is great to own, it will eventually break down from wear and tear, especially if you refrain from taking proper care of the waste disposal.

Some common sense, not treating your disposal like a garbage can and periodic cleaning. These are all factors to take into account when you want to expand the lifespan of a garbage disposal.

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