4 Trivia Facts About Futon Beds

You may already be quite familiar with what a futon is and how you use it. One of the main reasons that futons are so popular is that they serve as both a couch and a bed. Futons can be a great solution for when you are living in a small home or condo. Futons are also very useful for those who want to get the most out of a living space of any size, as they are equally popular in both large and small homes.

Here are four facts about futons:

1. The 3 sections of a futon

Futons are built of essentially 3 parts. There is the futon mattress, the frame and the cover. The mattress is the padded part of the futon that makes these wonders of the furniture world so comfortable. The futon frame supports the mattress and allows you to receive support when lying down in bed mode or sitting up in couch mode. The futon cover is usually a fitted cover that you put the mattress into and zip closed. This cover can often be removed for easy washing. Making your futon much easier to keep clean than many other upholstered pieces of furniture.

2. You can get a wide variety of futon sizes

Futons are typically available in some of the standard bed sizes. Although there is no standard limitation on futon size, it is possible to shop around until you find one that is exactly the size that you want. Many will opt for a standard couch sized futon as they already have the space marked out in the layout of their home. Another option is to have a chair-sized futon that can take the place of an armchair when it is not in bed mode.

If you are unsure of which futon size you need, then feel free to get in touch with East West Futons and the team will be happy to walk you through the options available.

3. Futon mattresses

The quality of the mattress is very important. You should make sure that you know exactly how thick the mattress is and what material it is made of before you buy. There are many options to choose from such as memory foam, regular foam and springs. Memory foam certainly offerers the best support and will retain its structure for a lot longer. The frame is also important for the long and short-term health of your mattress.

You should think long and hard about how firm you want your futon mattress to be. You will have a range of firmness to choose from, similar to how beds are rated. With futon mattresses, you really do get what you pay for, so it is worth investing in a good mattress that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

4. Why you need a futon cover

A futon cover will protect the mattress from everyday wear and tear as well as dirt and spills. You will also have the option to easily clean it by whipping the cover off and putting it straight in the washing machine. Just be careful to read the washing instructions.

You can also buy a mattress protector that can go over the mattress, but under the cover. It is recommended that you get this at the same time as the initial purchase so that it is exactly the same size as your futon. This will add an extra level of protection to your futon mattress.

That’s really it as far as futon basics go, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact East West Futons for more information.

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