4 Shopping Guidelines for Dining Room Furniture

When you’re looking for new furniture for your dining room, it can be hard to know where to start. There’s no doubt that personal styles can greatly influence your choices in dining room furniture. You might be wondering whether to go modern, stay traditional, or try a new trend. Once the decision is made, it can be not only frustrating, but expensive to start back from scratch. Answer these questions to make sure your dining room furniture lasts a lifetime.

1. What Shape is Spot-On?

Certain dining table shapes lend themselves better to certain conditions of use. Rectangular tables are the most common dining table shape, mostly because most dining rooms are rectangular as well. This is also a good shape to seat more than 4 people. Conversely, square tables look great in square rooms. These tables work well if you don’t have a large number of people to seat regularly. A round table can also work well in a square room. Finally, an oval table in a rectangular room sometimes seems to take up less space due to its rounded corners. When buying dining room furniture, the right table shape will be the anchor for everything else.

2. Is Formal Right for Your Family?

Are you going to use your dining room for formal occasions, or more informal family get-togethers? Your intended use of the room will help you decide the furniture you need to get the look just right. If you’re going formal, you might want to consider a large china cabinet and sideboard to complete your dining room. If your space will have a more casual feel, you might not need much extra furniture other than your table and chairs.

3. Are You Being Smart About Size?

In dining room furniture, size matters. Usually, your dining room will inform the size of furniture you can reasonably accommodate. The floor space and proportions of the room must be taken into consideration before deciding on dining room furniture. Larger rooms should have larger furniture, whereas smaller rooms must use space more wisely. If the fit of the furniture is not suited to the space, the dining experience will be less than enjoyable.

4. What Material Matters?

When considering a material for your dining room furniture, it helps to think about how often it will be used, its flexibility for décor and accents, and the appearance it will portray. Wood furniture has a feeling of warmth and is highly durable, whereas glass/acrylic is ultra-modern in its simplicity. Marble/granite tabletops give the ultimate combination of strength and luxury. No matter the material you choose, think of dining room furniture as an investment.

When looking to purchase dining room furniture, it’s not hard to be overwhelmed by the number of options available. With a strategic approach and careful consideration of your needs, wants, and desires, you’ll be better prepared to select the dining room furniture that is perfect for your family. If done right, you’ll enjoy your selections for years to come.

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