4 Security Benefits of Access Control Systems

In an effort to increase privacy or security and minimize losses, many business owners or managers are choosing access control systems. These systems use mechanisms to restrict access to only those in which privileges were given to and can be in different forms that include a keypad, card reader, or magnetic swiper.

Not only can these methods control access to a whole office, they can also be used in areas of the workplace that need to be restricted. There are many advantages to using a type of access control system and below are reasons why one should be considered.

1. More control

Access control systems are popular among companies because of the amount of regulation and flexibility they give them. For the main entrance, companies are able to restrict access to the office to people at different times. For instance, employees on the day shift would only be able to enter during the day and those on the night shift have access only at night. Companies can also use systems in different areas of the office interior, ensuring that only those with granted access can enter. Access can be easily given or withdrawn when desired by management, allowing for greater efficiency regarding new hires and those departing from the company.

2. Secure

Access control systems offer a high level of security because those granted permissions can easily enter the office but there is no way for those not given access to enter. The system is able to keep track of who is entering and exiting the premises and at specific times, allowing management to investigate employees allegedly committing acts of thefts or vandalism by looking at logs kept.

In instances where personal belongings, valuables, or sensitive information is kept on-site, systems can crack down on people who are not employed by the company looking to steal or access such things for their own benefit. Not only will access control systems protect against intrusion, they also protect employees when some may be working alone or on the night shift and someone is looking to victimize them.

3. Keyless

Access control systems allow for greater convenience because they do not require keys for entry. Keys are often lost by employees and because this compromises the security of the office, locks often need to be changed or at the very least new keys need to be cut and provided to employees. If lost, access cards can be deactivated and a new one can then be issued. These cards are extremely difficult to replicate so even if one is lost, it does not put the security of the workplace at risk.

Access control systems that have keypads or fingerprints do not require the use of a card at all. Some systems have both card swipers and key pads allowing you to choose the method you want to use to gain entry to the office which is especially helpful for employees who are prone to forgetting their access card.

4. Cost-effective

While access control systems may be a bit more expensive up front to install, they save companies a significant amount of money in the long run. As mentioned, if access cards are lost, unlike keys, locks do not need to be changed and new keys do not have to be cut. This would be expensive if the company is large and every employee needs to be issued a key for a new lock mechanism.

These systems can be integrated with your office, allowing for lights and heaters to activate depending on whether someone is preset. This will save a company on hydro and heating costs that will add up noticeably over the course of a year.

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