4 Reasons to Have Your home Air Duct System Inspected Today

The benefits to having the air duct system in your house inspected and cleaned are numerous. This network of ducts circulates air in the home while helping regulate the inside temperatures. The duct cleaning crew can inspect and clean the entire system, which benefits more than the HVAC system.

These are 4 reasons to have air duct cleaning services inspect your home today;

Vacuum cleaner

1. Cleaning the Entire Duct System – Most homeowners can remove the vents and vacuum down as far as they can, but that only cleans a small percentage of the entire duct network, read on how much vacuums clean houses here. The duct cleaning experts have the right equipment to get to every inch of the duct network where mold may be growing so it can be disinfected and removed thoroughly. The professionals will leave the entire air ventilation system clean so the air quality inside the house improves.

Mouse in House

2. Removal of Invading Rodents – Rodents can easily find their way into the attic in your home through a hole the size of a quarter. Once inside, they make their way into the air duct system where the treated air is the perfect place to build a nest to avoid predators or inclement weather outside. Not only are you breathing in the allergens they carry, but also their dropping inside the air ducts. The duct cleaning team will locate these various animals and remove them, their nests, and anything else they leave behind. Here is an explanation of rodents going into your ventilation.

Air Quality

3. Improving Air Quality – Deep inside the network of air ducts that stretch all over the house could be a build up of pollutants, mildew, and mold. Your family is breathing in these airborne contaminants without even realizing. The air ducts cleaning crew utilize special equipment and organic cleaning solutions to disinfect every inch of the air ventilation system to reduce the likelihood of your family developing a number of dangerous respiratory diseases. Less mold spores in the air vent system means your family can breathe clean air again.


4. Less Strain on HVAC System – When anything is trapped inside the passages of the air duct system, it makes the HVAC air handler have to work harder to move the air through that network. When the ducts are professionally cleaned, air flows more easily and that means less energy to circulate that treated air. This means your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently and cost you less in repair bills over the life-span of the system. You can find different types of HVAC Systems, learn about them here.

Utilizing air duct cleaning services will not only save you money in repairs for years to come, it will ensure your family is breathing in only the cleanest possible air each day. Schedule an inspection today with ProDuct Solutions so the experts can get eyes on all the areas you can’t see throughout the duct network.

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