4 Key Qualities of a Plumbing Company

Two of the most important rooms when considering property values are the kitchen and bathroom. These are the rooms where people tend to focus on when deciding if they want to buy a property. These rooms can make or break a sale. These rooms not only have a daily function, but they can greatly affect how people experience their lives.

Poorly maintained kitchens and bathrooms create disharmony, which is something that most people want to avoid. People can avoid disharmony by following these steps when choosing a plumber:

1. Licenced

Not every trade is a mandatory trade, however, plumbing is a mandatory trade. This means that to do any plumbing work, the person needs to be either a registered apprentice and member of the Ontario College of Trades’ Apprentices Class, or passed the Certification of Qualification Exam and registered in the Ontario College of Trades’ Journeyperson Class.

Once the person has his or her certification, he or she needs to have a business trade licence from the city that he or she is based in. Each city will have different requirements for different types of licences. Being a licenced plumber will reduce the likelihood of costly renovation disasters.

2. Insurance

It is important that a plumbing company’s insurance (that includes being bondable) is confirmed. It is also a good idea to confirm that the company is paying into Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. These confirmations will reduce the risks to the homeowner. It will also support the workers, because a company that follows the laws ensures that if a worker is injured, he or she will be covered.

A covered employee is les likely to be asked to work in unsafe conditions or equipment. A plumbing company that has insurance – in all areas – protects property owners and reduces the likelihood of costly renovation disasters.

3. References

Unfortunately, people can lie about the quality of their work. The only way to confirm quality of work is for a property owner to ask for recent references and to call and confirm the plumbing company’s work with them. Although this can be an onerous task, it is a critical task as it reduces the likelihood of being scammed by disreputable companies, that try to pass on other companies’ jobs as their own or to pass on shoddy work as quality work.

Confirming the work completed by a plumbing company will reduce the chances of having costly renovation disasters.

4. Customer Service

Everyone wants to be treated in a professional manner, regardless of the service or product. How a plumbing company will treat a customer at beginning is a strong indicator of how it will treat a customer at the end of the job. Part of this customer service is guarantee its work. If the work is not guaranteed, then it would be wise to reconsider hiring the company or to only give it small jobs to see how the company completes them.

A key part of customer service is being local to the area. Most customers are uncomfortable with trying to resolve problems with companies that are based in other cities. Long distance can hinder open communication that is necessary for problem solving. A company that prides itself on providing high quality customer service will reduce the chances of having costly renovation disasters.

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