4 Choices In Shopping For Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you are planning to buy commercial kitchen equipment, like for example for a new restaurant, there are a lot of choices in front of you. That includes an array of decisions from where to locate your restaurant to your décor and ambiance to the menu that will offer to lure in your customers.

Another big choice is how to furnish and equip your new facility with staff and the latest tools and technology of the trade. You will also have to make a choice as to whether you want to buy or lease your commercial kitchen equipment. And you can also consider if you want to take a chance on buying some previously used commercial kitchen equipment for your new place.

1. How to decide on lease or buy?

Money is often tight at the beginning of a great business adventure like that and your line of credit may be stretched pretty tight. That will help you make up your mind quickly to lease, since many of the larger, more expensive items are available to lease and much more affordable in the short term.

You don’t want to blow up your line of credit or run out run out of money before you get your restaurant fully operational. There are other things you should consider when making this important decision including money and which items of commercial kitchen equipment are better to lease than to buy.

2. Money is always a consideration

As noted above, money is a prime consideration when it comes to buying or leasing commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant. In general, larger and more costly pieces of equipment are better to lease because you need your cash and line of credit to be as free as possible. You have a ton of other expenses and no money coming in yet.

You can always decide to buy the equipment later, but with leasing, repairs are included and that saves you money as well. That’s good too, because some piece of commercial kitchen equipment is always breaking down and you don’t have to pay to fix any equipment.

3. What items are better to lease than buy?

Some items of commercial kitchen equipment are better to consider for lease than others. They include the dish washers that you will need in the restaurant. When you lease these, they often come with an arrangement to purchase chemical and cleaning supplies at a discounted rate. That saves you more money.

Another item that makes sense to rent are coffeemakers which you can sometimes get at a discount from some coffee supply companies on the condition that you purchase all of your coffee products from them. Two more pieces of commercial equipment that you should look at leasing are coolers and ice machines. These machines are expensive to buy and wear out quickly because they are always in use.

4. What items are better to buy than lease?

You will still have to buy some pieces of commercial restaurant equipment. But that’s okay because with some items you want to start off fresh, new and clean. One example is in the whole range of pots and pans you will require. Your new chef will probably demand this anyway, or bring their own with them. They are fussy that way. You will also want new grills and stoves that meet the demands of your menu and the needs of your cooking staff.

In some cases, you can get way with used equipment but be careful to inspect all used equipment before taking it home with you. Make sure it actually runs and does what it’s supposed to before setting it up in your new restaurant.

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