4 Career Perks of a Project Management Certification

Project management is the process of taking the lead of a team in initiating, planning, and executing specific actions to achieve objectives for a company. Because this role, known as a Project Management Professional (PMP), is broad and entails taking on many duties, it is definitely beneficial to earn a certificate in project management to ensure you have the know-how to be effective in your job.

Whether you are new to the role and want to make sure you do a great job, or you have been doing it for a few years and just want to sharpen up your skills, below are the benefits of obtaining a certificate in project management.

1. Increase your value

You want a job you enjoy first and foremost but like most people you want a profession that allows you to earn a decent salary. A certificate in project management shows that you have important and relevant training and demonstrates your abilities to lead teams toward common goals. As a result, you will be able to demand, and usually receive, salary increases.

The credentials of PMPs usually result in an average of 20 percent more in salary over those who are in the same roles but have no certifications. Depending on what industry you are in, your employer may even pay for your PMP certification because it will make the company more attractive to clients and bring in more business because they know their affairs will be handled by a skilled, educated project lead.

2. Credibility

You could be a project manager and probably be able to handle the job just fine, but earning a project management certification will demonstrate that you are up to speed on the duties and responsibilities of the job and are qualified to take on the role. The PMP certificate that you earn will set you far apart from others who want to be a project lead but have no certification because it shows that you were able to meet the demands of the course.

This will make you a more attractive candidate for the job. Your employer will likely give you more enjoyable as well as challenging projects because they know that your knowledge and experience will make the project a success, whatever it may be.

3. Worldwide recognition

PMP certification is often recognized worldwide and is considered an important benchmark when it comes to international relations. Earning this certificate will make you the go-to project lead if your company is working with a foreign business because it indicates that you are familiar with the processes and language typically part of the curriculum of PMP certification.

This allows barriers to be removed and increases the chances of doing business with a foreign company in an effective and seamless way. Because the certificate is internationally recognized, earning one will mean you are eligible and qualified to work anywhere in the world where it is recognized.

4. Greater opportunity

The job of project manager is versatile, meaning that if one day you choose to enter a different industry, you probably could with little difficulty. While your experience is valuable, the transition will be even more flawless if you have a certificate under your belt because the skills learned in the courses you took are transferrable.

At any given time, there could approximately 20 percent more vacant positions available than there are PMPs to fill them. As a result, you have a greater choice of what industry you want to enter and your chances of being the one chosen to fill the vacancy are very good.

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