11 Myths About Plastic Surgery Debunked – Read it to Believe it

Plastic surgery is among the most common medical procedures performed in the modern world and yet it is one of the least understood medical practices of all times. There are so many stories and preconceived notions about the process that it is hard to separate the facts from the myths. However, we have listed some of the most common myths that have prevailed over the years and find out what the facts are.

Myth 1: Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are one and the same

The terms cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery might be used interchangeably by most, but believe it or not, they are not really the same. Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery includes both aesthetic processes and reconstructive surgical processes. Cosmetic surgery focuses on the looks alone and is all about the aesthetic surgical procedures.

Myth 2: Plastic surgery is only about improving looks

As mentioned in the above point, plastic surgery is much more than improving the looks. It includes surgical processes to remove birth defects, deformities caused by accidents and/or other surgical procedures. These are categorized under reconstructive surgery. Aesthetic surgery is mostly about improving the looks of a person.

Myth 3: Liposuction is effective for weight loss

Contrary to what many posts on the Internet will make you believe, liposuction cannot and should not be used as an alternate to conventional weight loss methods. Your plastic surgeon will actually ask you to lose as much weight as possible before you undergo the treatment. It is actually better if you are in a fit shape before the procedure.

Myth 4: Plastic surgery is only for the super-rich

Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery is not just for those with lots of money. Not all treatments are super expensive. Thanks to rapid development in technology and the development of more non-invasive surgical procedures, plastic surgery is now much more affordable and the number of plastic surgery cases has skyrocketed in the past decade.

Myth 5: Plastic surgery is only for the celebs and vain

Contrary to the preconceived notion, it is not just the celebs and those in the showbiz who go for plastic surgeries. You will be amazed to know the number of common people who undergo plastic surgery. General public go for both reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries.

Myth 6: Plastic surgery is only for women

This is one of the worst myths about plastic surgery. Not just women, even men go for various plastic surgeries such as rhinoplasty and liposuction. The number of male patients undergoing plastic surgeries has almost grown close to three times in the past decade.

Myth 7: Plastic surgery leaves unsightly scars

Just like any other surgical process, plastic surgery will leave scars. However, your plastic surgeon is trained to conceal those scars in the best possible way. For example, breast augmentation scar will be hidden under the armpits or under the breast line. Face-lift surgery scar is generally hidden under the hairline and behind the earlobes.

Myth 8: Plastic surgery is not safe

The American Board of Medical Specialties provides detailed report about the Board licensed plastic surgeons. The process is as risky as any other normal surgical procedure and there are certainly cases of botched surgeries; however, ongoing research and development in the field makes it safer every passing day.

Myth 9: Women with breast implants cannot breastfeed

Better research and developments have made breast implants much safer. They are even certified by the FDA. Thus, there is no risk and issue with breastfeeding after getting breast implants. Women with breast implants are being encouraged to breastfeed their kids as mother’s milk is the best source of vital nutrients and immunity boosters for the newborn.

Myth 10: There is only one type of Botox treatment

Botox, much like Band-Aid, has become synonymous to the process of inducing Botulinum toxin to improve the stretch lines and wrinkles on the skin. However, it is just a brand and there are other brands available, such as, Xeomyn and Dysport.

Myth 11: Plastic surgery can make you look like anyone

No matter what the famous movie Face Off will make you believe (I am a great fan of the movie as well), changing your looks to make yourself look like any other person is not just highly immoral, but also highly improbable and impractical, though not entirely impossible. Let us just assume that the process is actually being performed, even then you will need to have a perfect match of blood group, tissue, and immunity match as well. Even if that is possible, you will need months to recover completely. No point for guessing that, two people, living with the face of one another, is extremely immoral. Extensive plastic surgery on the face might change the way you look to a large extent, but to make it identical to another person is not as simple as the various movies make us believe.

So, next time you read anything unbelievable about plastic surgery, check for facts and get it straight. Do you think we missed out something or is there something you want clarified? Do not forget to comment.

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