11 Funny Nerdy Tweets That’ll Make You Go LOL

Find 11 science related jokes which’ll give you some tickles..

1. Box within a box?

That’s not what Schrodinger thought it would be.

2. Tell that to Matt Damon

Are you going to tell him or should I?

3. Receipt: Yeah, why do you ask?

Don’t ask anything. Sshh.

4. Faith in science uplifted?

That’s outrageous. Not just with snowflakes. It’s with everything. What’s the matter with you guys?

5. Don’t talk to me

This is why dinosaurs are extinct.

6. That’s so true. Applauds.

Who uses internet explorer??

7. ..feeding, and fu.. MATING

This is damn hilarious on so many levels.

8. BodyZoned?


9. Cannibalism, ladies and gentlemen

“And kids this is how I lost your father.”


That’s how you teach students..I mean twitteratis.

11. Excuse me sir, the countdown has begun

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