10 Cutest Dogs on Internet for All The Dog Lovers in The House!

1. These pups are damn photogenic

Ready for bed! 💤🐶 #CLpets #cute #regram @harlowandsage

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Sleeping beauties they are. Look how calm they are with each other. #OneLove

2. Who wants a cookie?

Monday, take this cookie and go away…😏

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Is he offering or giving a warning? aww..poor pup.

3. This is my place. Please go.

These puppy eyes are killing me. I just want this dog for myself! Now!

4. Just a lazy Sunday. Nothing more.

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You, my friend, will go to places. This one here is just like me.

5. Even we do like treat honey. You’re a treat to watch for us.

What’s he trying to say? Any guesses? He’s obviously asking for his treat.

6. I don’rt care what people think about me, I’m just dozing off!

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Is he having a regular nap or a power one? Oh come on now!

7. Are you mocking us lill guy? Doesn’t matter, you’re too cute anyway.

Someone please wake him us. Tell him that his tongues is out 😛

8. He just wants to get a hold of your hand!

Just give him your hand so that he can hold it damnit!

9. Going on a date?

Maybe she’s getting late to meet the one? Drive away you..

10. INSEPARABLES – Literally!

I dare someone to put them away. You can’t. You just can’t.

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