10 Cool Wine Room Ideas for Your House

Keeping wine on hand for whenever you want a bottle, or whenever you have guests, is something that a lot of people like to do. For those who want to take it to the next level by dedicating an entire room to their wine stash, here are ten cool wine room ideas to make sure your storage is ideal for your collection.

1. Consider display options

If you’re really into the collecting, you may have a special bottle to show off at any given time. Consider how you want the room to be set up. Rack upon rack is kind of boring. See how you can incorporate both racks and different kinds of display shelving.

2. Wine racks and shelving

What kind of racks and shelving do you want though? For the wine, you may want individual slots – either square, diamond, or even round. However, you must be aware that not all wine bottles come in a standard size, so you need to consider how you would store these bottles if you should collect any.

Alternative ideas include larger shapes where bottles are stacked upon each other. Incorporating a variety of shapes and patters in the wine racks and shelving can create an interesting, modern effect in your wine room.

3. Building materials

The racks themselves can be made of different materials like wood or metal. The difference is mainly going to be the cost and the ultimate look it provides to the space. As for the rest of the room, be aware the materials it is made of, because that will affect the room’s temperature. Cement walls need insulation, and glass walls will let cool air out, even if they are designed not to.

4. Counters

If you’re planning on showing off your collection, you may want to allow for some counter space so you can allow guests to taste-test your collection while you’re giving them the tour. The countertop will allow you to prepare small glasses of wine for guests while they peruse your stash.

5. Temperature control

Temperature control is key to a wine cellar or wine room. The perfect temperature lies between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re going to be investing money in luxurious wines, you’ll want to invest in a wine cooling system that will keep the room between these temperatures at all times.

6. Insulation

Insulating the room will help you to maintain the temperature, and will help you to keep money in your pocket. If you’re cooling the room, and the cool air is escaping, you’re going to have to pay more to keep it at the appropriate temperature.

7. Lighting

Consider lighting that gives the space the proper ambiance, but which will still allow you to see when you go down for a bottle or two. You don’t want a bunch of super bright lighting, as that’s not particularly good for the wine.

8. Seating

Depending on the type of space you’re creating, you may want to incorporate a small seating area in or near your wine room. A couple of bar stools, or even some nice comfy chairs on an area rug can make a cozy space to enjoy a bottle with guests.

9. Barware

Having a bit of barware in the wine room is a good idea for hosting guests. Hanging some wine glasses can not only add to the décor, but it’s a functional addition to the space. Have a corkscrew, towel, and maybe even a decanter handy for wine tasting.

10. Decorations

Don’t be afraid to hang some art or add a few small decorative knick-knacks around the room to keep the space interesting, cozy, and beautiful.

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