10 Amazing Chandler Bing Jokes That’ll Crack All The F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’s Fans Up

Who doesn’t love Chandler Bing? The iconic character from an American TV show FRIENDS has always cracked things up for all the fans around the world.

This is a compilation of 10 of the best Chandler Bing’s jokes:

1. Oh Dear Ross!

Perhaps one of the best moments when Ross went to an artificial tanning place and got it all wrong. Chandler at his best.

2. Ross & Marcel – More Than Just Friends?

That’s the question. Isn’t it? A little bit too close to Marcel eh Ross?

3. He Even Cracked The Door Up!

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Believe us Chandler, you are the best comic character ever.

4. Honest Confession

Always a charmer. Chandler bing Fans make a cheer!

5. Love For The Cheesecake is Real

This always makes me crave for that particular cheesecake which Chandler and Rachel are having.

6. You know, he’s right! Never thought of it this way.


This is exactly why grown up should never watch cartoons. You’ll see your childhood believes demolished withing minutes.

7. Nice And Easy There Tiger!

You know you can get screwed over this? Nah, that’s Chandler and he’s funny as hell.

8. When Will You Grow Up Joey?

When Ross and Rachel had 2nd having heated argument in the living room, Joey’s basket of survivor goods has all the attention of Chandler.

9. That’s Obvious. Isn’t it?

Love the amazing yet satisfying banter between Joey and Chandler.

10. You Get Me, You Kill Me!

These were the 10 most funny jokes, sarcasm made by Chandler in the show. there are plenty more of them. Maybe, we’ll make one more post with new jokes next time.

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