Tips For Bathroom Remodeling : Don’t Settle For What You’ve Got, Improvise!

Bathroom is THE place in our house which we probably don’t think much of while renovations. It always gets the place of that part of the house where interiors don’t matter much. We make do with the ordinary English bathroom with age old styled accessories. Plumber Toronto brings the “most important tips for bathroom remodeling“.

Here we go – 

Being Aware of The Entire Plan and Cost Involved


If you are even thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you need to do an intense research over the required materials. You have to calculate an estimate budget for the entire shift-over.

You can choose any model from the design books of your re-modeling team. If you want this project to be strictly “Do It Yourself”, it won’t be possible. You need a team of professional designers, plumbers, electricians, and basic men-work whose charges are extremely fluctuating in nature.

In a rough estimate, by spending $3,000- $5,000 , you can get your bathroom fixed by all the existing damages and insert some new bathroom equipment. You won’t be able to bring anything conclusive from the design part of the idea. You can have low-end granite as your new countertops. New tiles for your bathtub and cabinets will be done. Not much in the plumbing department as the plumbing practice will be a whole another game and it wouldn’t be possible in this price range.

If you are looking to spend between $10,000 to $20,000 then you can have much more independence while working. You can have custom made countertops, decorative cabinets, designer fixture and a lot of plumbing changes too. If you are spending this much, it is better to re-place the old water pipes which flows under the wall. Plumber Toronto can be help with proper plumbing installations, old adjustments and extended service too.

Be Change Friendly

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You need to be focused on your idea of your new bathroom. If it looks a bit of funky, be it. Only change the final design when you think id doesn’t resonate from you. Go through the designs your designers are offering. They will be knowing it better than you.  If you want porcelain instead of regular ceramic tile, go for it, maybe it suite you better.

Go for the jetted bath tub you always anted. Change the wall designed. Walls can be changed creatively. They can be decorated with fresh flowers, or extremely natural colors.

Choosing The Best Plumbing And Painting Services

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For a major bathroom renovation, you need everything of the top level. Just hire a plumber Toronto and get the life long service whenever you need it. Make sure to get the plumbing and electrical checked before the remodeling takes place. make a list of things which are needed to be replaced. Now, when the remodeling is over, you can call the plumbers and painters again for a quick inspection. If something is now not working which used to work before the start of this project, you’s know whose fault is that.

These were some of the most important tips to follow if you are re-modeling the bathroom.


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