How to Maintain Porcelain Fixtures in Bathrooms and Kitchens?

Porcelain fixtures adorn the wash room or kitchen with immense beauty, but caring for them proves to be a bit challenging. Soap scum, stains, scuffs and scratches, all work to impair the beauty, quality and the appearance of the graceful porcelain fixtures. Undoubtedly, it becomes important to guard against these problems.

Most common problems that would occur:


1. Calcium and other minerals found in water, produce an alarming layer of lime scale not only on the porcelain fixtures but also on shower doors. Along with this, they trap the soap scum and dirt too.

2. Dried scum solidifies on these fixtures, and becomes hard to remove with passage of time. Slowly the glossy finish starts dying.

3. Pouring very hot water can lead to cracks.

4. Garbage disposer has all the potential to crack porcelain kitchen sink due to high vibration.

Cleaning should go hand in hand right from the starting:


1. Get into the habit of wiping down your sink, wash basin or tub after each use, although sounds very difficult.

2. Use a nonabrasive sponge and clean the fixtures with mild soap and water very regularly.

3. End your cleaning with a last coating of lemon oil. It will not only maintain the sheen, but also create a protective barrier in keeping the stains and deposits at bay. Gel gloss is also one option as a protective finish.

4. Among the natural plumbing alternatives, lemon juice and vinegar are very common and popular cleaners. Rinse the fixtures soon as they are very acidic in nature and wipe dry.

5. Avoid leaving coffee grounds or tea bags in the kitchen sink overnight as porcelain can get stained.

6. Avoid spilling nail polish, hair dyes, clothing dyes, or similar substances in the porcelain wash basin.

7. Keep the water continuously running while rinsing dyes.

8. Use a sink mat while washing pots and pans with grey scuff. Remove the mat as soon as the work is over and wipe dry.

What to do if porcelain is already stained?

May be you are moving in a rental property, where the porcelain fixtures were not maintained properly and there are no chances to get those fixtures replaced. Asking help from a reputed plumber can just do the work for you.  The above mentioned methods might not work here, but other options are available to maintain to your best.

1. Chlorine bleach can be used to remove scum, dirt and stains. But, you need to be very careful as this can discolor your faucets and create rust stains. Dilute the bleach before use and don’t let it stay for long. Rinse properly and wipe dry.

2. Ammonia is another powerful cleaner to cut on grease and soap scum. Never try mixing ammonia with other cleaners.

3. Hydrogen per-oxide which is an oxygen based bleach can also be used to remove tough stains.

4. Absolute last resort when nothing works, are the commercial abrasives (scouring powders). These products are easily available in the market under different brand names but use them as your last resort as they tend to discolor the porcelain with time.

With this, you should be able to look after your elegant porcelain with mild and humble care and retain the beauty of your valuable porcelain fixtures. Avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible.

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