INFOGRAPHIC: How to Choose the Right Office Photocopier

Ask yourself these 4 questions to find the right photocopier.

❔1. Do you need a fast photocopier?

✔ If you make a lot of copies daily, a photocopier with a high copy speed will meet your needs.

✔ Photocopiers have different paper capacities. A higher capacity will allow you to make more copies in a row.

❔2. Will you be making colour copies?

✔ A colour inkjet copier is perfect if you need to produce colourful graphics and pictures with a high definition.

✔ If you don’t need to make colour copies, a black and white laser photocopier will be faster and more affordable.

❔3. Will you use different paper sizes?

✔ Some photocopiers have one paper tray for each size of paper they can print on.

✔ Others have only one tray that you will need to adjust each time you use a different paper size.

❔4. Do you want additional features?

✔ If you need to be able to copy, to scan, to print, and to fax, an all-in-one photocopier will be your best option.

✔ Some models of photocopiers come with finishing options, while others have strong security features.

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